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Dead Animal Pick-up at 83 Standard St, Mattapan

Dead animal on sidewalk/roadway: Sidewalk | Details: Constituent reports dead cat on sidewalk, Andre at GM2 notified at 6:51pm | Type of animal: Cat | Date when animal seen: 05/22/2019 | Time when animal seen: 18:50
OPENED 2 minutes ago #101002913187

Missed Trash or Recycling at 3 Barstow St, Allston

Scheduled trash day: Tuesday() | How was your trash placed out for collection: Barrel | Curbside pickup or an alley: Curb Side Pickup | Additional information: Constituent reports street was missed
OPENED 3 minutes ago #101002913186

Other at 11 Reed St, Roxbury

Half sidewalk a ramp and part a step up. Crazy side walk before the took off the hook of the sidewalk. Manmade side walk that was never REPAIRED RIGHT
OPENED 3 minutes ago #101002913188
Other at 11 Reed St, Roxbury

Illegal Parking at 331 E Eighth St, South Boston

Red car. No Permit
OPENED 6 minutes ago #101002913185

Other at 15 Reed St, Roxbury

There are 17 patch work done to this eide walk for over 35 years and some never been REPAIRED PROPERLY.. JUST PATCH JOBS AND THE SIDE WALK SWELLS UP ALOT ONE MINUTE ITS LOW THE NEXT IT HIGH.. SMH
OPENED 6 minutes ago #101002913184
Other at 15 Reed St, Roxbury

Needle Clean-up at Intersection Of Reed St & Northampton St, Roxbury

Needle Quantity: More Than Three | Property Location Type: Public | Description: Constituent reports several needles between cars at intersection, the even side of Northampton. Boston EMS notified at 6:26pm.
CLOSED Case Resolved. 2 needles are recovered in a parking space on Reed St. - 7 minutes ago #101002913162

Other at 5 Reed St, Roxbury

Broken sidewalk tripping HAZARD to pedestrian
OPENED 10 minutes ago #101002913182
Other at 5 Reed St, Roxbury

Other at 11 Reed St, Roxbury

Broken Side walk for at least 35 years i know i lived here that long it just getting lower and lower.. It already a TRIPPING Hazard for pedestrian..not fair..
OPENED 11 minutes ago #101002913181
Other at 11 Reed St, Roxbury

Dead Animal Pick-up at 306 Lexington St, 1, East Boston

Dead rat
CLOSED Case Resolved. Rodent removed. - 11 minutes ago #101002913080

Other at 12 Sedgwick St, Jamaica Plain

There needs to be an entrance and exit sign posted for entering and exiting the parking area for Curtis Hall. Also, people park in front of library and block the way for cars entering and exiting. Needs No Parking sign posted there.
OPENED 12 minutes ago #101002913180

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