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Illegal Parking at Intersection Of Stuart St & Tremont St

Non commercial parking
OPENED 1 minute ago #101003746022

Park Lights at 131 Grampian Way, Dorchester

Lights in the tennis courts need to be turned on. Someone said the timer was broke last year. If so please rectify so we can play tennis after dark.
CLOSED Resolved. Ever Source restored lights will be on starting tonight. - 1 minute ago #101003740986

Rodent Sighting at 296 Centre St, Jamaica Plain

Number of rats: [10] Rat bites: [No] Rats in the house: [No] Rats outside of property: [Yes] What is the nature of the problem: [There is an increase in Rodent activity and alot of trash/debris in the rear of this building.]
CLOSED Noted. No issues found. - 1 minute ago #101003744858

Dead Animal Pick-up at 62 64 Copeland St, Roxbury

Dead animal on sidewalk/roadway: [Roadway] Type of animal: [Rodent] Date when animal seen: [05/14/2021] Time when animal seen: [11:45]
CLOSED Resolved. Animal picked up. - 2 minutes ago #101003745955

Residential Trash out Illegally at 407 411 Washington St

Rubbish is placed out well in advance of pickup | Details: [We have 7 large black trash bags and cardboard left out in front of 407 Washington St. These items came from the DSW at 385 Washington St. There is a yellow shipping lable on one...
CLOSED Resolved. No violation found at this time, trash has been removed upon arrival. - 2 minutes ago #101003745853

Park Lights at No Location Specified

Hi, Can you please turn on the lights for the park? Thank you! | SR Type: [LIGHTING_ELECTRICAL] Park Name: [Peters Park] Park owner: [BPRD]
CLOSED Resolved. Reset timer. - 2 minutes ago #101003745304

Sticker Request at 20 Maxwell St, 2, Dorchester

Recycling Sticker: [0] Yard Sticker: [8]
CLOSED Resolved. Delivered stickers as requested. - 2 minutes ago #101003745935

Sticker Request at 4 Evandale Ter, 1, Dorchester

Recycling Sticker: [5] Yard Sticker: [0]
CLOSED Resolved. 5 recycle stickers delivered as requested. Have a nice day. - 3 minutes ago #101003745909

Missed Trash or Recycling at 274 Adams St, Dorchester

Scheduled trash day: [Friday] How was your trash placed out for collection: [Barrel] Curbside pickup or an alley: [Curb Side Pickup]
OPENED 3 minutes ago #101003746021

Other at 8 Patterson Way, South Boston

They have a yellow cones with a orange cones blocking the street with a threaded con blocking the street with no police detail once again with huge materials being used so much and send a police officer over here ASAP never mind if he amb...
OPENED 3 minutes ago #101003746019

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