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Park Lights at 7 Prospect St, Charlestown

Cap fell off fire alarm pole
OPENED 1 minute ago #101004513048

Overflowing Trash Can at 163 Washington St, Dorchester

Overflowing garbage causing rodent infestation.
CLOSED Resolved. Ticket was issued for overloaded barrels and loose trash. - 3 minutes ago #101004512743

Tree Emergencies at 100 Lasell St, West Roxbury

There are 2 large tree limbs that are blocking the street. Notified Parks/OC @ 8:04am. | Type of blockage: [Limb]
CLOSED Resolved. Duplicate of case #101004513012. - 4 minutes ago #101004513005

Residential Trash out Illegally at 52 Melrose St

Trash out after pickup
CLOSED Resolved. No code enforcement violation. - 7 minutes ago #101004512089

Traffic Signal at 244 Brighton Ave, Allston

The RED lights are NOT working on these traffic signals. Notified traffic signal @ 8:40am | Signal problem: [Traffic] Type of problem: [Other]
OPENED 7 minutes ago #101004513044

Needle Clean-up at Intersection Of Williams St & Forest Hills St, Jamaica Plain

Constituent reported that there is a needle by the park entrance, in the grass area, by a rock. Notified EMS @8:38am | Needle Quantity: [One] Property Location Type: [Public]
OPENED 7 minutes ago #101004513042

Dead Tree Removal at 104 Lasell St

Part of a city owned tree broke off and is in the middle of the road
OPENED 8 minutes ago #101004513040
Dead Tree Removal at 104 Lasell St

Tree Emergencies at 221 Manchester St, Mattapan

large tree limbs fell off tree and broke/damaged Constituents's fence. | What public way is blocked: [Sidewalk] Type of blockage: [Limb]
OPENED 10 minutes ago #101004513039

Park Lights at 68 Butler St, Dorchester

Lights out on pedestrian ramp to Butler trolley stop
OPENED 12 minutes ago #101004513037

Tree Emergencies at Intersection Of Grove St & Grove Ter, West Roxbury

at the intersection of Grove and Centre | What public way is blocked: [Street] The police on the scene: [No] Type of blockage: [Branch] Limb/branch broken, but still attached to the tree: [No]
OPENED 13 minutes ago #101004513036

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