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Other at 222 Parker Hill Ave, Mission Hill

Fireworks for about the 7th day in a row. Enough is enough. Please
OPENED 2 minutes ago #101003307259

Other at 2 Freeman St Dorchester

Pls come they burning fireworks every night. I have to wake up earpy to work.
OPENED 6 minutes ago #101003307258
Other at 2 Freeman St Dorchester

Illegal Parking at 32 Radcliffe St, Dorchester

How is the car parked illegally? Other | Details: blocking driveway at this location | Type of vehicle: Van | Make: Mazda | Model: Van | Color: Black | Vehicle License Plate Registration: NRW852 | Vehicle License Plate State: MA
OPENED 7 minutes ago #101003307257

Abandoned Vehicle at 41 Holiday St, Dorchester

Make of the abandoned car: FORD | Model of the abandoned car: SUV | Color of the abandoned car: GREYSILVER | Additional Details/Comments: This car has been in this locatin for 3 months and has no plates on the vehicle
OPENED 11 minutes ago #101003307256

Illegal Graffiti at 44 Ellery St, 2, South Boston

Across the street from 44 ellery street, the fence surrounding the utility plant has been spray painted by vagrants
OPENED 13 minutes ago #101003307255

Other at 90 Fisher Ave Mission Hill

Please do something about these fireworks going off every single night sometimes until midnight (like right now!). It's really annoying and disruptive!
OPENED 18 minutes ago #101003307253

Other at Codman Square Dorchester Center Boston

Illegal fireworks every night. Mayor Walsh, District Attorney Rollins, BPD, all give speeches about Black Lives Matter, but in their own community do absolutely nothing about ongoing problem ruining the lives of people of color in Dorches...
OPENED 18 minutes ago #101003307252

Other at 10 Logan Way, South Boston

Noise curfew!! Music blaring, fireworks going off, scooters setting of car alarms. Call 911 no one comes. Everynight for 2 weeks. Not once has anyone come to breakup the party. Not fair to families that need to be up in the morning....
OPENED 20 minutes ago #101003307251

Other at 63 Wentworth Terrace Codman Square

Loud, dangerous fireworks, gang of youths openly setting them off by Roberts Playground. Called 911 immediately but they said were busy dealing with shootings.
OPENED 21 minutes ago #101003307250

Illegal Parking at Intersection Of Leamington Rd & Commonwealth Ave, Brighton

Subaru parked over crosswalk
OPENED 24 minutes ago #101003307249
Illegal Parking at Intersection Of Leamington Rd & Commonwealth Ave, Brighton

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