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Litter at 18 Melbourne St, Dorchester

Old air conditioner dumped in Loesch Park. Park staff removed to sidewalk. Please pick up!
CLOSED Resolved. - about 19 hours ago #101004071116
Litter at 18 Melbourne St, Dorchester

Litter at Intersection Of New England Ave & Southern Ave, Dorchester

BPD request for MVA debris only clean up. Notified DPW. | Type of debris: [Motor vehicle accident debris] Cars parked on the street: [No]
CLOSED Resolved. Cleaned up accident debris. - about 21 hours ago #101004071596

Other at 94 Beacon St

Outdoor speaker loud music. No one is outside. Occupants aren't aware that outdoor speaker is engaged. Noise nuisance very late at night after 1:00am. Rear of building unit 2 or 3?
CLOSED Case Noted. Your case has been noted and reviewed, thank you for using the 311 app. - about 22 hours ago #101004071590

Other at Intersection Of Chandler St & Clarendon St

Logan airplane noise over the South End is going on now, started at 6 am. this morning and went on all day.
CLOSED Case Invalid. Unfortunately, this is under the jurisdiction of Massport. In order for complaints to be submitted and logged by Massport’s Noise Abatement Office they need a name, contact info, and physical address for response and record keeping purposes. For future noise complaints, we encourage constituents to file noise complaints via Massport’s Noise Abatement Office via phone at (617) 561-3333 or online at - 1 day ago #101004071565

Street Lights at Intersection Of Radford Ln & Bushnell St, Dorchester

All the streetlights on Bushnell St are out from Radford Ln to Ashmont St.
CLOSED Resolved. Lights were out because of tree lighting ceremony at Ashmont station but are working now 800L DP. - 1 day ago #101004071517
Street Lights at Intersection Of Radford Ln & Bushnell St, Dorchester

Other at Intersection Of Fairmount St & Morton St, Dorchester

Case# 101003965463 what is going on with the trash receptacle installation request? Why is MassDot and PWD fighting over this? It's been over a year since residents have been requesting this. Why aren't we getting answers? Why is this no...
CLOSED Case Referred to External Agency. This location is under the jurisdiction of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and not the City of Boston. MassDOT has received this complaint and will forward it to the appropriate district to review. Thank you. - 1 day ago #101004071560

Street Lights at No Location Specified

CLOSED Case Invalid. - 1 day ago #101004071557

Street Lights at Intersection Of Bradston St & Southampton St, Roxbury

On Friday, November 26 at approximately 9:40pm we heard the noise and upon investigating we saw the light pole with the signs on the ground and there was damage to the fence and the building located at 70 Southampton Street.
CLOSED Resolved. Picked up damaged pole and made safe 800L DP H Tyra H18802L and R Ellington. - 1 day ago #101004071249
Street Lights at Intersection Of Bradston St & Southampton St, Roxbury

Street Light Knock Downs at Intersection Of Blue Hill Ave & American Legion Hwy, Dorchester

Street light or control box knocked down: [Control Box] Problem: [Control box damaged] Control box door open or missing: [Other] If Other, please explain: [Damaged.] Control box making noise: [No]
CLOSED Resolved. Shut traffic signal cabinet door 800L DP. - 1 day ago #101004071435

Dead Animal Pick-up at Intersection Of Lagrange St & Vfw Pkwy, West Roxbury

Dead animal on sidewalk/roadway: [Roadway] Type of animal: [Rodent] Please explain: [believes it's a possum] Date when animal seen: [11/27/2021] Time when animal seen: [18:13]
CLOSED Resolved. Nothing found at this location. - 1 day ago #101004071509

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