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Rodent Sighting at 199 Athens St, South Boston

At least 4 spotted in past 24 hours Along side and behind building. Witnessed running under the deck. | Number of Rats: [4] Rat Bites: [No] Rats in House: [No] Rats Outside Property: [Yes]
CLOSED Noted. Adjacent property recently had rodent activity and is addressing the issue. No evidence of activity was found during inspection. Will be monitoring the area for any activity. You can reach me at 617 869 4171. Thanks Charles. - 5 days ago #101004422926

Rodent Sighting at 285 Columbus Ave South End

Big rats are coming from the alleyway that is in back of 285 Columbus and near the garage stairwell. They are seen only at night and most likely are coming from the MBTA station. Can you please bait near in the alley that is next to the...
CLOSED Resolved. No violations found. Please leave contact information for future complaints to help me better investigate the problem. - 5 days ago #101004420958

Rodent Sighting at 303 Columbus Ave South End

At night there is a hugh amount of rats running around in the alley between 285 - 303 Columbus, behind 285 Columbus near the garage entrance and at night time in the MBTA Clarendon St bus loop driveway. They might be coming from the Back...
CLOSED Resolved. Duplicate case. Working on getting the Southwest Corridor Park treated. - 5 days ago #101004422939

Rodent Sighting at 77a Thirteenth St, A, Charlestown

CLOSED Resolved. Left doorknocker at door. Inspected area and found no rodent activity at this time. - 5 days ago #101004421734
Rodent Sighting at 77a Thirteenth St, A, Charlestown

Rodent Sighting at Almont Park/Hunt Playground

Large beehive in park causing excessive bee's. Great amount of bee's during youth sports.
CLOSED Noted. Referring to Parks and Recre Department. - 5 days ago #101004422814
Rodent Sighting at Almont Park/Hunt Playground

Rodent Sighting at 567 Massachusetts Ave, Apt A, Roxbury

Rats running across sidewalk into garden areas and into Chester square
CLOSED Noted. Submitting requests to bait Sq and garden. - 5 days ago #101004421419

Rodent Sighting at 49 E Springfield St, Roxbury

2 rats running under/around a car parked out front
CLOSED Resolved. Several properties along east Springfield street under abatement. Any questions contact the inspector at - 5 days ago #101004422953

Rodent Sighting at 2 Dudley Ter, Dorchester

infestation of black bugs and spiders on the ceiling | Occupants name and contact info: [Same as Caller] Type of insect or rodent: [bugs, spiders]
CLOSED Noted. Notice written. - 5 days ago #101004410878

Rodent Sighting at 27 Evans St, Dorchester

Rat bites: [No] Rats in the house: [No] Rats outside of property: [Yes] What is the nature of the problem: [the property is overrun with rats, they are invading all the neighboring propertie]
CLOSED Noted. Unable to access the property for Inspection. - 6 days ago #101004421067

Rodent Sighting at Evans St Boston Suffolk County

Rats running down Evans Street onto Stanton St. it’s out of control.
CLOSED Noted. Ins met with homeowner gave them suggestions to help solve the problem. - 6 days ago #101004421076

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