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Other at 2 Holbrook Ave, Dorchester

There is a dog on a back porch that has been in distress for hours. The real feel outside is 98 degrees and he has been barking/cying and clearly too hot since 7pm. Nothing anyone can do?
OPENED 1 day ago #101002967550

Other at Intersection Of Columbia Rd & Pond St, Dorchester

A man was injured about 5:00. Blood on the sidewalk. Reported to both State police and DCR staff at the sight. No clean up done.
OPENED 1 day ago #101002967540

Other at 44 Monsignor Patrick J Lydon Way, Dorchester

There is screaming yelling arguing loud music on monseignor Patrick Lyndon way can be heard in a quarter of a mile radius no respect for neighbors
OPENED 1 day ago #101002967535

Other at 25 Glide St, Dorchester

Dog left outside in the heat
OPENED 1 day ago #101002967523

Other at 165 Wood Ave, Hyde Park

Music is STILL loud
OPENED 1 day ago #101002967513

Other at 146 Moreland St, Roxbury

Water sprinkler in the Dennis street Park in Roxbury not working. It. Last year only park of the sprinklers were working. It was reported last year as not completely functioning but it wasn't fixed.
CLOSED Case Resolved. Return the park on manually from 8 to 8 until the repair parts come in but the water is being turned on. - 1 day ago #101002966081

Other at 326 A St

I was at the North end pool with a bunch of other families and we all were there form 5-6 because lady had us all fill out waivers call parents with young children nevermind half of us called in our prior and they told us that it was dead...
OPENED 1 day ago #101002967471

Other at Intersection Of India St & Interstate 93 S

Monk mafia annoying people, being aggressive, approaching people's kid in car window - they are in the Aquarium area every day, all day
OPENED 1 day ago #101002967463

Other at Intersection Of Eastern Ave & Whittlers Aly

To end the other complaint about the North end pool the gentleman Steven said that he do not have to deal with anyone's s*** cuz he had been there since 8 a.m. meanwhile he came walking through the entrance at 6 p.m. because that is who w...
OPENED 1 day ago #101002967457

Other at Intersection Of North St & Powers Ct

North end pool I called at 4:30 in the afternoon to find out if the pool was over capacity the lady who answers the phone at the pool in the North end told me that it was dead that. I got to the pool around 5 p.m. if my daughter filled ou...
OPENED 1 day ago #101002967456

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