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Park Lights at 1 Pierpont Rd, Jamaica Plain

One of the lights outside White Stadium (near the concessions windows entrance) is out and the other one's motion sensor does not appear to be functioning properly. It is incredibly dark in the evenings now that the sun sets earlier.
CLOSED Resolved. Repaired 2 light fixtures. - 8 days ago #101004006241

Overflowing Trash Can at Intersection Of Glen Ln & Glen Rd, Jamaica Plain

Pierpont rd and glen ln, debris that had been blown off the wall. Up the stairs 50 yards to the right. | SR Type: [Cleaning/Trash] Park owner: [BPRD]
CLOSED Case Noted. Area isnpected by Supt. Jose Hernandez - no debris found. - 8 days ago #101003955342

Broken Park Equipment at 1 Pierpont Rd, Jamaica Plain

Broken and exposed water fountain in white stadium. Hosting BPS girls soccer varsity and. Also hosting college level track meet. Embarrassment to City and safety issue!
CLOSED Case Resolved. Bathrooms have been fixed, all doors and partitions are functional. Indoor fountains are offline due to BPS water policy.. There is bottled water available, and all teams have received water bottles from Athletics. White stadium is in the plan to have filter water fountains installed as part of the water project through BPS facilities. The Outdoor Fountain was installed by the Emerald Necklace group, not BPS responsibility to maintain. Be safe, stay healthy. Thanks,. Avery. Avery Esdaile. Senior Director, Athletics. Athletics Department | Boston Public Schools. White Stadium, PO Box 302205, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130. - 9 days ago #101004003023
Broken Park Equipment at 1 Pierpont Rd, Jamaica Plain

Other at 170 Morton St, Jamaica Plain

Any plans on renovating this courtobviously people cannot play on it due to the large crack?
OPENED 9 days ago #101004005856
Other at 170 Morton St, Jamaica Plain

Overflowing Trash Can at 620 Blue Hill Ave, Dorchester

Constituent reported that the trash barrels are full by the Franklin Park zoo area. | SR Type: [Cleaning/Trash] Park owner: [BPRD]
CLOSED Case Referred to External Agency. belongs to Zoo. - 9 days ago #101004002943

Traffic Signal at Intersection Of Williams St & Forest Hills St, Jamaica Plain

Button gone | Signal problem: [Pedestrian Signal] Type of problem: [Pedestrian Button Not Working]
CLOSED Case Resolved. Repaired back to normal . - 9 days ago #101004005253

Illegal Parking at Circuit Dr

Eastbound bike lane is blocked off by multiple parked cars.
CLOSED Case Resolved. CLEAR. - 9 days ago #101004003189

Needle Clean-up at 1 Franklin Park Rd, Jamaica Plain

Shattuck Hospital next to potty party .
CLOSED Resolved. Needle recovered. JT. - 10 days ago #101004004279

Needle Clean-up at 1 Franklin Park Rd Roxbury

On the back side between the zoo and stadium,It’s going to be to your left of the field behind the tennis court there is a bunch of drug Needles were someone has been living I will be here for another 2 hours if u need me to show we’re th...
CLOSED Resolved. Recovered about 30 needles. - 11 days ago #101004003742

Needle Clean-up at Intersection Of Playstead Rd & Walnut Entrance, Jamaica Plain

Constituent states there is a needle near the basketball court in the Playstead, near the grass. | Needle Quantity: [One] Property Location Type: [Public]
CLOSED Resolved. The park rangers at Franklin Park took it and threw it away DB. - 12 days ago #101004002879

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