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Illegal Dumping at Intersection Of River St & Agnes Ave, Mattapan

Constituent reports trash and dirt is being dumped on porperty at end of Agnes. |
CLOSED Noted. No code enforcement violation found at this time. - 3 days ago #101004008579

Illegal Dumping at 120 Lake St, Brighton

Garbage is on the north east side of the house. They've left beer bottles and other debris. |
CLOSED Resolved. No violation found at this time at given address. No beer bottles, trash, or debris that warrants a citation found at property upon arrival. - 3 days ago #101004008194

Illegal Dumping at 4 Moreland St, 1, Roxbury

large amounts of trash left by students who have moved out |
CLOSED Resolved. Ticket has been issued and will be put in for collection. - 3 days ago #101004008412

Illegal Dumping at 6 Everett St, Jamaica Plain

Constituent reports sofa was dumped across the street, requests it is removed. |
CLOSED Noted. Sofa found dumped on sidewalk next to parking evidence of who placed at location unable to issue citation. Sent in for removal. - 4 days ago #101004006194

Illegal Dumping at 181 London St, East Boston

constituent from this location states that construction debris was dumped in with her trash | Witnessed incident: [No]
CLOSED Resolved. No evidence found. - 4 days ago #101004006384

Illegal Dumping at Intersection Of Dartmouth Pl & Dartmouth St

Constituent states there is a blue recycling cart thta has been dumpe don the street for 2 weeks and it does not belong to anyone on the street. Constituent is requesting inspection and removal . | Witnessed incident: [No]
CLOSED Resolved. Abandoned Recycling cart #21-025054 collected today at 7:04 a.m. October 13th 2021. - 4 days ago #101004006620

Illegal Dumping at 501 Beacon St

Constituent states the Cobblestone Management company from 495 beacon st is dumping construction material and residential trash into her deeded parking spot. Constituent states the trash dumped there is blocking the exit in the rear of th...
CLOSED Resolved. Ticket has been issued. - 5 days ago #101004006293

Illegal Dumping at 25 Clark St

Constituent states that trash was dumped in front of their residence. | Witnessed incident: [No]
CLOSED Noted. No evidence found at this time. Refered to DPW for removal. - 5 days ago #101004006363

Illegal Dumping at 125 Woodrow Ave, Dorchester

Constituent states the recycling cart #0616464075 was left in front of her property on 10/4/21 on her collection day that does not belong to her . Constituent called and made a case(#3999646) to have the cart removed but it was never a ca...
CLOSED Noted. Referred to dpw for removal. - 5 days ago #101004006279

Illegal Dumping at 55 Clifton St, Dorchester

Someone left a scooter in front of constituents drivway | Witnessed incident: [No] Case related to commercial waste: [Unknown]
CLOSED Case Noted. Thank you for reporting this to the Boston Transportation Department. Please resubmit the case with the exact address as well as a picture of the bike and what it is attached to. Thank you! - 5 days ago #101004001162

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