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Illegal Dumping at 1918 Beacon St, Brighton

came into the store this morning and there is a lot of rubbish that was put there overnight, right in front of the store on the walkway - can you investigate this matter - appreicate your help with this . | Witnessed incident: [No]
CLOSED Noted. Was cited for trash and sent for collection. - 3 days ago #101004587595

Illegal Dumping at 40 Fenton St, Dorchester

Pickup truck stopped Thursday at 9:15 am and unloaded garbage into containers of 40 and 42 Fenton St. Today is regular track pickup but containers are overflowing. | Witnessed incident: [Yes] License plate: [5KVT79] Case related to comm...
CLOSED Noted. No evidence found will be put in for collection. - 3 days ago #101004587439

Illegal Dumping at 365 W Second St, South Boston

constituent from this location states that an air conditioner was dumped in front of her property on the sidewalk | Witnessed incident: [No]
CLOSED Resolved. Pick up. - 3 days ago #101004587400

Illegal Dumping at 450 Washington St, Brighton

Constituent reports that a table has been dumped on the grass patch between the sidewalk and the street at this address. | Witnessed incident: [No]
CLOSED Noted. Table will be put in for removal. - 4 days ago #101004586329

Illegal Dumping at 532 E Sixth St, South Boston

Constituent states that a toilet was left in front of this location States they do not feel responsible for private waste haulers as trash collection will not take the toilet. | Witnessed incident: [No] Case related to commercial waste:...
CLOSED Noted. Toilet was sent for collection. - 4 days ago #101004586267

Illegal Dumping at 182 Washington St, Dorchester

Constituent states someone dumped trash into his recycle bin. Constituent bin was not taken because of it |
CLOSED Resolved. No evidence found of who did the dumping. Please remove trash so recycling can be collected next week. - 4 days ago #101004585820

Illegal Dumping at Intersection Of Faywood Ave & Orient Ave, East Boston

See case 101004586059 Resident is requesting give them a call Thank you. | Witnessed incident: [No]
CLOSED Noted. Spoke with caller. - 4 days ago #101004586147

Illegal Dumping at 95 Draper St, Dorchester

Constituent states there is a toilet that was dumped on the side of his property at 97 draper st and it has been there for a week. Constituent is requesting inspection and request removal. | Witnessed incident: [No]
CLOSED Noted. Submitted for collection PWD. - 4 days ago #101004585644

Illegal Dumping at 264 Market St, Brighton

Constituent reports tube TV has been in front of this address for two weeks. | Witnessed incident: [No] Case related to commercial waste: [Unknown]
CLOSED Noted. TV will be sent in for removal. - 4 days ago #101004585701

Illegal Dumping at 254 Market St, Brighton

CLOSED Noted. Ticket has been issued by code enforcement for overgrown branches. - 4 days ago #101004585697

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