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Sidewalk at Intersection Of Chestnut St & W Cedar St

Additional information: Broken brick
OPENED about 17 hours ago #101002847866

Sidewalk at Intersection Of W Canton St & Carleton St

Additional information: Brickwork missing, hazard to wheelchair
OPENED about 17 hours ago #101002847862

Sidewalk at Intersection Of Gloucester St & Commonwealth Ave

Additional information: This has been a mess for far too long. The plows have made it an even worse trip hazard and unsightly. Please repair permanently ASAP. Thank you.
OPENED about 17 hours ago #101002847861

Sidewalk at 151 Appleton St

OPENED about 17 hours ago #101002847851

Sidewalk at 52 Melrose St

Additional information: this is the second time I've put this on the app, and I've also called about this several times. There is a hole in the sidewalk right in front of the parking lot on Isabella Street.
OPENED about 17 hours ago #101002847846

Sidewalk at 665a 665 Boylston St

Additional information: This bike lock up is sitting on the sidewalk for months
OPENED about 17 hours ago #101002847841

Sidewalk at 13 Central Sq, 2, East Boston

What is the cause of damage? Other | Additional information: Collapsing paver work. There is failure of base causing a slight sinkhole. | What material is the sidewalk made from? Other | If 'Other', please specify: Pavers
OPENED about 19 hours ago #101002847646

Sidewalk at Intersection Of Bourne St & Canterbury St, Roslindale

Additional information: This seems to be a sidewalk but now buried under snow and cars. I have many other pictures to show Brocken curb and cement going to asphat and then dirt and back to cement. It is used for parking and snow piles. Ha...
CLOSED Duplicate of Existing Case. Previously sent to Engineering for reconstruction. Please contact Zach Wassmouth @ 617-635-4968. - about 23 hours ago #101002845915

Sidewalk at 70 Worcester St, Roxbury

Additional information: Sidewalk was damaged last month when tree fell
OPENED 4 days ago #101002845473

Sidewalk at 314 Shawmut Ave, 5, Roxbury

Additional information: This is at least the third time I've reported this and the situation is gotten much worse. This is a restaurant at the corner of Shawmut Avenue and Union Park Street. The sidewalk bricks right outside the side entr...
OPENED 4 days ago #101002845467

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