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Traffic Signal at Intersection Of Boston St & Massachusetts Ave, Dorchester

Signal problem: Pedestrian Signal | Type of problem: Controller/Timing Issues | Type of pole: Vertical Pole | Pole knockdown: No | Details: constituent reports;the pedestrian signal switches to walk when no one has pressed the signal
OPENED 15 minutes ago #101002780545

Other at 26 Newhall St, Dorchester

City hired plow just moved piles from whole street into the front of two driveways/sidewalks residents just spent 3 hours shoveling
OPENED 16 minutes ago #101002780551
Other at 26 Newhall St, Dorchester

Other at 5 Downey Ct, Dorchester

Street needs to be salted please send a small truck this is a dead street. Thank you.
OPENED 16 minutes ago #101002780550

Other at 1132 Saratoga St, East Boston

Snow plow operated by PV Barrone company ran down Saratoga street about 45 mph blade down and blasted snow not only against the cars and houses at around 12:45p on Sunday but completely drenched my neighbor who was on the sidewalk in fron...
OPENED 19 minutes ago #101002780546

Other at 80 Bartlett St, Charlestown

Plow Bartlett St Charlestown 02129 between Pearl Street and Sullivan St all ice Hill
OPENED 24 minutes ago #101002780542

Other at 6 Long Ter, West Roxbury

Snow removal/plow and salt/sand truck for Long Terrace.
OPENED 24 minutes ago #101002780541

Sticker Request at 532 E Seventh St, South Boston

Recycling Sticker: 2 | Yard Sticker: 0
OPENED 28 minutes ago #101002780539

Other at 21 23 Spaulding St, Dorchester

Spaulding street needs rod salt badly autos sliding
OPENED 29 minutes ago #101002780537

Other at 58 Tolman St, Dorchester

Could you send a plow & salt down 58-98 Tolman St, that runs from Morrisey Blvd to Norwood St. Thank You! We appreciated everyone's hard work! Thank you Sooo much!!
OPENED 29 minutes ago #101002780538

Other at 24 Whitfield St, Dorchester

Street need salt
OPENED 30 minutes ago #101002780536

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