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Street Lights at Intersection Of Locksley St & Robinwood Ave, Jamaica Plain

Details: The light at this intersection was fixed two days ago after 3 months of constituent calling (and apparently finally reaching out to City Council about issue), but the light is now out again. Constituent requesting light please be...
CLOSED Case Resolved - about 2 hours ago #101002938434

Abandoned Bicycle at 41 43 Westland Ave

OPENED about 2 hours ago #101002939742

Dead Tree Removal at 1671 Blue Hill Ave, Mattapan

OPENED about 2 hours ago #101002939743

Traffic Signal at Intersection Of Lee Hill Rd & Washington St, Roslindale

Traffic signal laying across Washington St. Busses won't be able to get by if it's not moved quick
CLOSED Case Resolved. Signal repaired. - about 2 hours ago #101002939420

Other at 17 Danny Rd, Hyde Park

Good morning, There has been road repairs in the neighborhood, and we welcome the improvements. However, my driveway was negatively affected. We have no side walks in the area, and now I have a lip (about 2 inches in depth) between the...
CLOSED Case Noted. When the road is paved, there will not be a lip. If you have further questions, please contact Bob Astrella @ 617-593-0064. - about 2 hours ago #101002939642
Other at 17 Danny Rd, Hyde Park

Illegal Parking at 245 Summer St

This vehicle has been parked in the 15 minute limit drop off and pick up for over an hour.
CLOSED Case Noted. the area has been over timed. - about 2 hours ago #101002939720
Illegal Parking at 245 Summer St

Dead Tree Removal at 22hf Union St, Charlestown

Is this a City owned tree situated on the sidewalk? Yes | Comments: Pruning request: branches hitting house and windows
OPENED about 2 hours ago #101002939741

Litter at 284 286 Meridian St, East Boston

CLOSED Case Resolved. Cited. - about 2 hours ago #101002939711
Litter at 284 286 Meridian St, East Boston

Street Light Knock Downs at Intersection Of Firth Rd & Washington St, Roslindale

OPENED about 2 hours ago #101002939739

Missed Trash or Recycling at 25 Allen St, Roslindale

Scheduled trash day: Wednesday() | How was your trash placed out for collection: Barrel | Curbside pickup or an alley: Curb Side Pickup | Trash contains any construction material, paints, plumbing fixtures or tires: No
CLOSED Case Resolved. Pick up two trash barrels. 6/20/19. - about 2 hours ago #101002939607

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