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Other at 24 Westland Ave

Group of Homeless people smoking cigarettes/throwing butts in foyer of private building - blocking locked entrance for residents slipping in behind people/students. Can smell from second floor. Not an emergency but can someone get them ou...
OPENED 8 days ago #101002799219

Other at 141 Morrissey Blvd

The traffic light on the right side of the divider on Morrisey going south is a 4 lane road— two left lanes are supposed to turn left to go into Umass and the two right lanes continue straight onto Morrisey going South. However, every sin...
OPENED 8 days ago #101002799218

Other at 3 Castle Ct, East Boston

The street is unplowed. Other streets are plowed but ours isn't. Castle court is a public road, not private way. Thanks.
OPENED 8 days ago #101002799209

Other at 31 Silvia Ct, Hyde Park

Noise with snow blower at 10:30 pm
OPENED 8 days ago #101002799189

Other at 44 Monument Ave, Charlestown

Manhole cover not secure - plows and cars driving over it sounds like a car has been hit. All hours of the day and night.
OPENED 8 days ago #101002799153

Other at 218 Ashmont St Dorchester

Request resident permit parking signs along ashmont street between ashmont park and carruth street. The area is constantly used by commuters going to ashmont T station, leaving nowhere to park for residents who live on ashmont street in t...
OPENED 8 days ago #101002799139

Other at 80 Cottage St, East Boston

Construction company continues to work at night and on weekends even tho permit is until 5 pm Monday-Friday. They also continue to work in spite of repeated calls to 3-1-1 and non-emergency police line, and communication from my landlord...
OPENED 8 days ago #101002799134

Other at 164 School St, Jamaica Plain

broken safety glass window falling out of frame
OPENED 9 days ago #101002799032
Other at 164 School St, Jamaica Plain

Other at 10 Blueview Cir, West Roxbury

Very large blast just shook my house.
OPENED 9 days ago #101002799004

Other at 353-361 Longwood Ave, Boston, MA, 02215, USA

This is a wide sidewalk and there are lots of businesses (Clover, Pret a Manger, Nero) - yet no city-installed bike racks. There are trees, and someone has seen fit to install a row of tiny signs telling people not to lock their bikes to...
OPENED 9 days ago #101002798908

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