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Dead Tree Removal at 29 Cordis St, Charlestown

The tree at 29 Cordis Street has for some time appeared to be unsafe. Recently, at my request, the tree was inspected and pruned. However, pruning the branches did not satisfy our level of concern nor did it decrease the risk to public sa...
OPENED about 10 hours ago #101003708188

Missed Trash or Recycling at 38 Keith St, West Roxbury

Item(s) that was/were supposed to be picked up: [TV] Scheduled trash day: [Monday] Curbside pickup or an alley: [Curb Side Pickup]
OPENED about 10 hours ago #101003708187

Litter at 90 Belnel Rd, Mattapan

Construction crew spilled some kind of tar liquid in front of this address on the sidewalk and it has left a big stain on sidewalk. Can someone please clean this up | Type of debris: [Other] Cars parked on the street: [No]
OPENED about 10 hours ago #101003708183

Illegal Graffiti at South St. Mall

Please repaint barrel using black paint
OPENED about 10 hours ago #101003708181
Illegal Graffiti at South St. Mall

Pothole at 49 Peacevale Rd, Dorchester

There are numerous pothole on this stret that need to be filled. | Where exactly on the pavement is the pothole: [On Roadway] What is the approximate size of the pothole: [large] Date when pothole noticed: [04/12/2021] Time when pothol...
OPENED about 10 hours ago #101003708179

Other at 101 Montebello Rd, Jamaica Plain

Street Cleaning. Street sweeper didn't come last week. They came today, but an hour after posted time 8-12. When they came @1 cars had already moved back.
OPENED about 11 hours ago #101003708172

Schedule a Bulk Item Pickup at 619 Metropolitan Ave, Hyde Park

one large TV | Date of scheduled pickup: [Thursday, April 15, 2021] Item requested for a collection: [TV (1) Air Conditioner (0) Refrigerator/Freezer (0) Water Cooler (0) Dehumidifier (0) Computer Monitor (0)] Trash day: [Thursday] Cur...
OPENED about 11 hours ago #101003708168

Damaged Sign at St Peters Sq @ Church

A stop sign is needed at St. Peter's Square ad the corner of Percival and Bowdoin. This was reported before and the respondent said there was a stop sign at the location. The photo clearly indicates that this is not the case.
OPENED about 11 hours ago #101003708165
Damaged Sign at St Peters Sq @ Church

Broken Sidewalk at 72 Hamilton St, Dorchester

Caller says this sidewalk has been needed repairing for over 15 yaers .Public works repaired this week and it more uneven than before .Caller has placed many calles about this. | Cause of damage: [Other] Sidewalk material: [Asphalt]
OPENED about 11 hours ago #101003708163

Pothole at Dustin St, Brighton, Ma, 02135, Usa

There is a pothole that is has a manhole with it that is very deep and if hit the wrong way can slice your tires, there was an attempt to fill it but the hole is back exposing the manhole, needs a better job done on it..Thanks [submitted...
OPENED about 11 hours ago #101003708161

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