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Illegal Dumping at 136 Garfield Ave, Hyde Park

reported 3 bags of trash was illegally dumped in front of 136, 138, 140 Garfield Ave. States the trash came from 144 and 146 Garfield Ave. States the bags were ripped open by sea gulls. The terash collectors took it away but the trash tha...
CLOSED Resolved. No violation found at this time, no bags out in front of addreesses upon arrival. - 3 days ago #101003859829

Illegal Dumping at 8 Montello St, Dorchester

Ford blue truck with a ladder on top.The resident and son camped out waiting for the illegal dummper.When the truck pulled up and saw the residents waiting.He left in a hurry.The resident reports someone has been dumping trash on the curb...
CLOSED Resolved. No code enforcement violation found at this time. - 3 days ago #101003860504

Illegal Dumping at 9 Wilson Park, Brighton

Constituent reported that someone dumped wooded materials in front of the property. Previous case#101003850443 stated that it was referred for pickup however the materials are still in front of the property. | Witnessed incident: [No] Ca...
CLOSED Resolved. Duplicate case. Please refer to last case closed. - 3 days ago #101003859759

Illegal Dumping at 10 Sewall St, Mission Hill

Constituent reports neighbor dumped trash into barrels on sidewalk today after collection took place. Constituent requests neighbor is cited and trash is removed. |
CLOSED Noted. Violation was issued. - 4 days ago #101003859447

Illegal Dumping at 851 Washington St, Dorchester

Constituent reports TV was dumped in front of store last night, requests it is remvoed. Constituent reports vehicle that dropped in there was a tan Honda with MA plate. States he has video footage of it as well. | License plate: [6YW174]
CLOSED Resolved. No evidence found will be put in for collection. - 4 days ago #101003859258

Illegal Dumping at 23 Goodale Rd, Mattapan

Black bag full bricks and other construction debris. Has been out there for a month. | Witnessed incident: [No] Case related to commercial waste: [Yes]
CLOSED Noted. Construction debris was sent for collection unable to cite no evidence. - 4 days ago #101003858443

Illegal Dumping at 7 Oak St

Constituent states that there is construction going on down the street. | Witnessed incident: [No] Case related to commercial waste: [Unknown]
CLOSED Noted. Violation was issued and referred to dpw for removal.. - 5 days ago #101003858269

Illegal Dumping at 1377a Commonwealth Ave, Allston

Table and chairs have been illegally dumped on this property, constituent has not witnessed this incident.
CLOSED Noted. Table was referred to dpw for removal. - 5 days ago #101003858145

Illegal Dumping at 6 Hemenway St

Buisnes owner at 12 Hemminway says an inspector came out yesterday to cite 6 heminway for dumping trash on their yard, but they continue to do it this morning. Trash is left on top of the dumpster. | Witnessed incident: [Yes] Case relate...
CLOSED Resolved. Trash has been placed in dumpster. - 6 days ago #101003857534

Illegal Dumping at 9 Wilson Park, 3, Brighton

Residetial dumping trash in front of the building not from tenants. |
CLOSED Resolved. Violation issued for construction debris. Placed in for collection. - 7 days ago #101003856510

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