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Other at Intersection Of S Huntington Ave & Huntington Ave, Mission Hill

Please put up traffic cameras that automatically ticket drivers when they run the red light. The traffic heading East on Huntington routinely runs the red lights while pedestrians are in the crosswalk. Someone is going to be killed.
CLOSED Case Noted. Massachusetts Legislature does not allow for video ticketing. - about 20 hours ago #101002999231

Other at 390 Meridian St, 1, East Boston

Street cleaning on the even side needs to be done. Has not been done in 2 weeks due to road construction personal vehicles being parked and this is the 2nd to last street cleaning Tuesday before it stops until spring.
CLOSED Case Noted. It's still under construction will be in that area tomorrow with the sweeper. - about 20 hours ago #101003105695

Other at 390 Meridian St, 1, East Boston

Recycle pick up on the even side of the street not picked up yet and is starting to blow around
CLOSED Case Noted. Thank you for your feedback. We will notify code enforcement to check the area for improperly stored material on the curb. Recyclable materials need to be in clear plastic bags are in a blue recycling bin. They should not be in paper shopping bags where they can be ripped in blown all over the street. Thank you again for your feedback. - about 20 hours ago #101003105689

Other at 353 Beacon St

Please collect yard waste today. Thank you.
CLOSED Case Resolved. Inspected this location: Public Alley 416 @ Fairfield Street Back Bay, today at 12:15 p.m. November 18th 2019. Trash has been serviced. Recycling curbside and still ongoing. Service provider will need full business day to complete their routes. - about 21 hours ago #101003105449
Other at 353 Beacon St

Other at Intersection Of Goldsmith St & Custer St, Jamaica Plain

Needs to be a two way stop intersection
CLOSED Case Noted. Gold St. is the minor street therefore the stop sign is appropriately placed. The main street is Custer St. and carries the most volume. A stop sign will not be placed on Custer St. - about 21 hours ago #101003105437

Other at 72 Tyler St

It's 11:09am. Street cleaning is from 8am to 12pm. Why are there more than 20 cars parked on oak st to Tyler st now
CLOSED Case Resolved. area within street cleaning will be ticketed and towed. - about 21 hours ago #101003105684
Other at 72 Tyler St

Other at 33 39 S Huntington Ave, Jamaica Plain

How to request pick up a TV?
CLOSED Case Resolved. Created a case for the pickup. It will be picked up tomorrow 11/19, please place alongside other trash/recycling materials. Thanks. - about 22 hours ago #101003105690

Other at 1037 River St, Hyde Park

Very blighted property with 4 foot tall weeds in the parking lot and dumpster is not emptied frequently.
CLOSED Case Noted. Cited for overloaded dumpsters, improper storage of trash,overgrowth and parking barrier from lot on city has been cited many times over the past few weeks. - about 22 hours ago #101003105475

Other at 801 801a Columbia Rd, Dorchester

Conflicting sign Dorchester ave / Columbia rd
CLOSED Case Noted. For processing purposes new case # 3105618 has been created and submitted which will correct the conflicting signs at give location. - about 22 hours ago #101003105321
Other at 801 801a Columbia Rd, Dorchester

Other at Rogers Park

Why has the American Flag been removed from Rogers Park?
CLOSED Case Resolved. Remove for winter. - about 22 hours ago #101003104411
Other at Rogers Park

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