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Sidewalk at Intersection Of Richmond St & Atlantic Ave

Missing bricks that made me trip |
OPENED 5 days ago #101003795383

Sidewalk at 45 E Newton St, Roxbury

OPENED 5 days ago #101003794791

Sidewalk at Intersection Of Clark St & North St

Sidewalk along Clark St between North and Commercial, along parking lot, full of deep cracks. Strollers get stuck. Very dangerous. Requested repair over a year ago and still nothing. |
OPENED 5 days ago #101003794788

Sidewalk at 144 Boylston St

Large crack in sidewalk tripping hazard |
OPENED 5 days ago #101003794770

Sidewalk at 41 Appleton St

2 sections of damaged brick at 44 Appleton st |
OPENED 9 days ago #101003791299

Sidewalk at 207 W Springfield St, Roxbury

Cobble stones loose caused Power Masonry to destroy his exhaust during a job repair. I've reported this condition previously with NO RESULTS. |
OPENED 9 days ago #101003791294

Sidewalk at 260 Tremont St

Constituent reports that it is dangerous for the bricks to be missing because it is near a blind person center | What is the cause of damage: [Other] What material is the sidewalk made from: [Brick]
OPENED 10 days ago #101003790523

Sidewalk at 399 415 Columbus Ave

Please close empty tree pit permanently as it is now too close to the new light pole/cell antenna and a new tree will not be replanted. |
OPENED 10 days ago #101003790513

Sidewalk at 12 Essex St, Charlestown

How come they repaired two sidewalks but did nothing to the problem that was reported???? This is where the person fell and got hurt. Maybe they should sue the City , And maybe then it will be repaired!!! Please come out and fix! |
OPENED 10 days ago #101003789743

Sidewalk at 1 Park St

There is one more hole to be fix |
OPENED 11 days ago #101003788994

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