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Illegal Parking at 20 Gene St, Dorchester

parked on left hand side, no parking zone | How is the car parked illegally: [Other] Make: [Mercedes] Vehicle License Plate Registration: [9plf80]
CLOSED Case Resolved. Area ticketed. - 34 minutes ago #101004143309

Street Lights at Intersection Of Boardman St & Saratoga St, East Boston

Location details: [Constituent reports street light out that has exposed wired, is request for a cone to put over for saftey.] Electric or gas light: [Electric]
CLOSED Case Resolved. no exposed wires found. - about 1 hour ago #101004143297

Litter at 973 Blue Hill Ave, Apt 1, Dorchester

Woman pushing shopping cart dumped shopping cart full of trash on sidewalk
CLOSED Resolved. Debris removed. - about 1 hour ago #101004143334
Litter at 973 Blue Hill Ave, Apt 1, Dorchester

Street Lights at 330 Market St, Brighton

110w led out in front of st. Columbkille?s church.
CLOSED Case Resolved. Replaced photo eye A DiP. - about 1 hour ago #101004129891
Street Lights at 330 Market St, Brighton

Other at 65 69 Lewis St, East Boston

Jacobby Rd light poles were repaired complaint can be closed
CLOSED Case Noted. Thank you for contacting Boston 311. There was no contact information attached to this case therefore we are unable to process this request. Please resubmit with more info or call 3-1-1 directly to speak to an agent so we can submit. - about 1 hour ago #101004143326

Dead Animal Pick-up at 95 Waltham St, Roxbury

Dead squirrel next to garbage.
CLOSED Resolved. Dead squirrel and trash removed. - about 1 hour ago #101004143310

Litter at 36 40 Hull St

CLOSED Resolved. Completed. - about 2 hours ago #101004143288
Litter at 36 40 Hull St

Litter at Intersection Of Prentiss St & Tremont St, Mission Hill

BPD requesting DPW following MVA | Type of debris: [Motor vehicle accident debris] Cars parked on the street: [No]
CLOSED Resolved. Cleaned up. - about 2 hours ago #101004143293

CE Collection at 642 American Legion Hwy, Roslindale

Rear on Paine St large amounts of wood windows debris dumped no ticket issued
CLOSED Resolved. This location was addressed. - about 2 hours ago #101004142954

Other at 14 Neillian Cres, Jamaica Plain

I'd like to request a 2nd recycling bin. Ours is always full. I saw online it said to request go 311.
CLOSED Case Resolved. Your request has been submitted, case #101004143307. - about 2 hours ago #101004143215

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