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Other at Intersection Of Colonial Ave & Millet St, Dorchester

Salt street
OPENED 31 minutes ago #101002780535

Pothole at Intersection Of Dalton St & Boylston St

Where exactly on the pavement is the pothole? On Roadway | Additional information (if needed): BFD reports large pothole in street | What is the approximate size of the pothole? Large
OPENED 31 minutes ago #101002780533

Other at 34 Mallard Ave, Dorchester

Street need salt
OPENED 32 minutes ago #101002780534

Other at 42 Colonial Ave, 1, Dorchester

Street need salt
OPENED 34 minutes ago #101002780531

Roadway Plowing/Salting at 14 Kensington St, Roxbury

Additional details: Street has not been plowed yet at all
OPENED 37 minutes ago #101002780526

Roadway Plowing/Salting at 19 Waterman Rd, Roslindale

Additional details: Constituent requests sand for the streets as they are becoming icy and dangerous
OPENED 38 minutes ago #101002780521

Roadway Plowing/Salting at 31 31a Asticou Rd, Jamaica Plain

Additional details: Salting especially needed, people keep slipping since Asticou is a hill
OPENED 39 minutes ago #101002780520

Other at 1940 Centre St, West Roxbury

Snow removal and salt spreader request for side and rear parking areas of Engine 30, a Boston Firehouse located at 1940 Centre St. in West Roxbury. Thank you.
OPENED 39 minutes ago #101002780527

Space Savers at 28 Green St, Charlestown

OPENED 41 minutes ago #101002780522

Illegal Dumping at 80 Bernard St, Dorchester

Witnessed incident: Yes | Details: Constituent reports seeing the resident of this address plowing snow from the sidewalk onto the street | Case related to commercial waste: No
OPENED 42 minutes ago #101002780517

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