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Other at 200 Ruskindale Rd Hyde Park

Once again I'm replying to the post below stop saying recycling was fully serviced because it wasn't. If you can not come and get it until next weekend that's fine but stop making it seem like we are lying about our stuff not getting pick...
CLOSED Noted. We will return on your next scheduled collection date. Have a nice day. - 3 days ago #101004587048

Other at 21 Algonquin St, 1, Dorchester

Missed Leaf Pick Up
CLOSED Resolved. Serviced upon arrival. - 3 days ago #101004585860
Other at 21 Algonquin St, 1, Dorchester Other at 21 Algonquin St, 1, Dorchester

Other at 101 Sycamore St Roslindale

Recycling not collected two weeks in a row (11/23 and 11/30)
CLOSED Noted. Broken cart missing middle bar pick up recycle tote need a new one .12/1/22. - 3 days ago #101004587062

Other at Hyde Park Ave Hyde Park Boston

There is suppose to be Police Officers directing traffic on Hyde Park Ave during the time frame of River Street closure but yesterday November 29'th there was no one at Hyde Park Ave and one person at west street at intersection of Austin...
OPENED 4 days ago #101004586989

Other at 37 Royal St Lower Allston

Case 101004508904 no action taken. Please remove pole. This is owned by a company posting billions in profit off rate payers. No excuse for inaction.
OPENED 4 days ago #101004586949

Other at Boston Southern Mattapan Suffolk County

Every day at approx. 3:15 - 3:30 p.m. a woman shows up with 2 black/brown dogs. One is a large setter + other is a medium sized dog. Dogs are aggressive. Woman lets dogs run off-leash & does not have verbal control over them. She allows t...
CLOSED Case Noted. AC&C states: 11/30/22- patrolled park during this time. No dogs were off leash, will continue to patrol (Jones). - 4 days ago #101004585750

Other at Intersection Of W Cottage St & Judson St, Roxbury

I've almost gotten hit more than once! The people driving on W Cottage and taking a left onto Judson st. Turn onto my side of Judson st while I'm trying to take a right onto W. cottage st. With cars parked right at the corner, even someti...
CLOSED Case Noted. This concern is being processed. Thank you for contacting BTD and your concern in traffic safety. - 4 days ago #101004274991

Other at Parker Hill Ave Mission Hill Boston

Came out to my car that was originally parked legally on the street. Come to find out a trash truck or something of that sort bulldozed my car 3 feet over the curb and folded my drivers side door in…happy Wednesday
CLOSED Case Invalid. Please file a claim with the city clerk. The phone number is 617-635-4601. Thank you for contacting Boston 311. - 4 days ago #101004586277
Other at Parker Hill Ave Mission Hill Boston

Other at 3347 Washington St, Jamaica Plain

Hornets Nest
CLOSED Noted. Removed prior to inspection. - 4 days ago #101004222155

Other at 618 Harrison Ave South End

Pot holes are leaking rancid smoke-like fumes at all times. This smells like burning chemicals and is difficult to walk past on the sidewalk.
OPENED 4 days ago #101004586789

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