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Illegal Dumping at 12 Peters St, 1, South Boston

This isn't illegal dumping but I didn't know what other category to choose. There are a bunch of orange cones (probably around 20 in total), some street signs, and some other big bulky items that show themselves at low tide in the water...
CLOSED Noted. No code enforcement citation able to be issued at location. Unable to determine who dumped debris into water,please refer to proper entity to deal with debris in water. - 6 months ago #101003476463

Illegal Dumping at 42 Vinton St, 1, South Boston

Witnessed incident: Yes | Details: 42 Vinton abuts the back door of my house at 96 Preble. 42 Vinten has at least one AirB&B apartments which is usually used for a party. The residents or cleaners of that apartment are constantly putting...
CLOSED Case Noted - about 3 years ago #101002401281

Illegal Dumping at 366 W Broadway, 1, South Boston, Ma, 02127

Witnessed incident: [Yes] Details: [There is an illegal dumping of garbage bags on Athens Street behind 366 W Broadway, South Boston. These garbage bags are also appearing in the parking lot on Athens Street behind 362-364 W Broadway...
CLOSED Case Closed. VIOISS: Violation Filed. - over 7 years ago #H145607-101000911322


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