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Other at 218 W Seventh St, South Boston

Loud party in apartment and also on sidewalk.
OPENED 8 days ago #101004012100

Other at 726 E Second St, South Boston

Massive backyard house party
OPENED 9 days ago #101004012048

Other at 210 W Eighth St, South Boston

Loud keg party out of control 45 people in the backyard of 210 west 8th street
OPENED 22 days ago #101003985313

Other at 98 L St, South Boston

VERY LOUD PARTY! absolutely out of control. We need BPD here immediately before something happens. This is a residential area not a college campus or a bar. Please send someone.
OPENED 30 days ago #101003975817

Other at 69 I St, South Boston

Very loud party music coming from the second floor of 69 I Street. Blasting with their windows open.
OPENED 3 months ago #101003858032

Other at 112 W Eighth St, South Boston

Loud Party every weekend on porch. No consideration for neighbors. Landlord needs to be cited.
OPENED 4 months ago #101003820764

Other at 27 Vinton St, South Boston

Noise complaint: 27 Vinton Street, top floor apartment rooftop party disrupting neighborhood through 1:30am on a work night. Inappropriate shouting, music.
OPENED 5 months ago #101003781164

Other at 684 E Seventh St, South Boston

Very loud party, this happens every night.
OPENED 5 months ago #101003766408

Other at 21 Gates St, South Boston

Screaming and yelling party, first floor outside and in.
OPENED 5 months ago #101003766395

Other at 35 B St, 2030, South Boston

Noise complaint - music from outside party
OPENED 5 months ago #101003766393

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