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Illegal Parking at Intersection Of P St & E Second St, South Boston

All our parking is taken on east second, P, East first and all the surrounding areas because of all these young ppl coming in to party. Why are the not being ticketed? This is outrageous.
CLOSED Case Noted. Please resubmit if vehicle is still there. - 3 days ago #101003706972

Illegal Parking at 34 O St, 1, South Boston

Illegally parked car (not a designated spot) from people attending loud party at 34 O Street.
CLOSED Case Noted. - about 1 month ago #101003658875

Illegal Parking at 626 E Second St, 1, South Boston

The weekend warriors are showing up from out of state with duffel bags ready to party. Please ticket their out of state cars - I'm sure they are quarantining
CLOSED Case Resolved. area tagged. - 6 months ago #101003497257

Illegal Parking at 16 Mitchell St, South Boston

Due to a large party on the street, they are parking ON a the sidewalk. Pls send parking and police
CLOSED Case Resolved. All clear. - 6 months ago #101003462533

Illegal Parking at 301 Emerson St, South Boston

multiple cars parked in resident parking only, the constituent thinks theres a party. | The closest intersecting street: [L and M] Make: [Unknown] Model: [4DR] Color: [Black] Vehicle License Plate State: [NV]
CLOSED Case Resolved. tagged. - 7 months ago #101003442818

Illegal Parking at 163 Orton Marotta Way, South Boston

Blocked parking lot. Tons of people drinking alcohol and having a party on the parking lot. Many fireworks and loud music. I need some sleep! Give our neighbors a break for one night! These kids are ruining the neighborhood!
CLOSED Case Invalid. This is not a parking concern, please contact BPD. - 10 months ago #101003335980

Illegal Parking at 206 L St, 1, South Boston

Black Hyundai New Jersey plate L10DNP Weekend party Guest
CLOSED Case Resolved. - 11 months ago #101003278634

Illegal Parking at 867 E First St, South Boston

Party bus blaring music running Diesel engine in Mbta bus stop
CLOSED Case Resolved. clear. - over 1 year ago #101003091400
Illegal Parking at 867 E First St, South Boston

Illegal Parking at 775 E Fifth St, South Boston

Numerous double parked cars making it impassable for emergency vehicles or any others. Some with out of state plates. Must be a party somewhere.
CLOSED Case Resolved. TAGGED AREA. - about 2 years ago #101002875798

Illegal Parking at 329 329a W Broadway, South Boston

Party bus illegally parked on West Broadway. Engine is running and it's loud.
CLOSED Case Resolved. CLEAR. - over 2 years ago #101002767849
Illegal Parking at 329 329a W Broadway, South Boston

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