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Student Move-In Issues at 194 H St, South Boston

Fire pit being used and large loud party.
OPENED 7 months ago #101003440998

Student Move-In Issues at 627 E Third St, South Boston

Contacted landlord about deck party last night twice and addressed garbage. Garbage overflowing in my alleyway, blocking access and egress, broken bottles, a haven for rodents and a fire hazard.
CLOSED Constituent called back to cancel request - over 2 years ago #101002649183
Student Move-In Issues at 627 E Third St, South Boston

Student Move-In Issues at 799r E Third St, South Boston

Bunch of loud obnoxious females screaming and drinking and throwing things on a back deck in a crowded area. They are in unit 2 or 3 of 793 East 3rd St in South Boston. I understand it's only 7:30 but we don't want to listen to this all...
OPENED over 4 years ago #101001889420


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