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Residential Trash out Illegally at 289 W Fifth St, South Boston

Request Type: Rubbish is placed out in unsuitable container | Details: I share an alley way with 289; I'm 291 and this is NOT the first time I'm complaining about this. It's been going on for years. How bad it gets depends on the tenants...
CLOSED Case Noted. Was cited for trash not stored in barrels. - over 2 years ago #101002631511

Residential Trash out Illegally at 148a 148b M St, South Boston

Trash out all over city point. And city posted A 1 day delay. Who is going to clean up the mess during storm . Oh maybe we can have another help clean streets party
CLOSED Case Noted. Due to weather and the delay across the city no action will be taken against those who's trash is put out for today's collection. - about 3 years ago #101002393424

Residential Trash out Illegally at 158 K St, South Boston

This party house has bags of trash in the backyard and deck uncovered and not in covered barrels.
CLOSED Case Resolved. yard has been cleaned. - over 4 years ago #101001942443


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  • Residential Trash out Illegally (remove)