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Illegal Parking at 74 Myrtle St, Bsmt

Beacon Hill plumbing trucks continually park illegally on posted no parking street cleaning days and the city does nothing about it. It has been going on for years. This photo was taken 2 minutes ago on 9/27/2021 at 9:28 am
CLOSED Case Noted. Please resubmit if vehicle is still there. - 2 months ago #101003977472
Illegal Parking at 74 Myrtle St, Bsmt

Illegal Parking at 80 Mt Vernon St Beacon Hill

Construction/no parking signs are printed as being issued for 74 Mt. Vernon street, but someone has posted them to block out spots between 80 and 86 Mt. Vernon Street. I'm worried folks parked between 80 and 86 will get ticketed by someon...
CLOSED Case Noted. All clear. - 7 months ago #101002965637

Illegal Parking at 74 Beacon St

SUV license plate 49w493 parked in the bike lane [submitted via]
CLOSED Case Resolved. vehicle has moved. - about 1 year ago #101003507799
Illegal Parking at 74 Beacon St

Illegal Parking at 74 Beacon St

CLOSED Case Noted. more info needed. - almost 2 years ago #101003177729

Illegal Parking at 74 Phillips St Beacon Hill

License plate 3EY986. Toyota Camry is blocking private driveway. Was asked to move once already and came back to park here. Please tow ASAP!
CLOSED Case Resolved. area checked driveway clear. - over 5 years ago #101001813136


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