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Traffic Signal at 60 74 Tremont St

Signal problem: Traffic | Type of problem: Flashing/Blinking | Pole knockdown: No | Details: Intersection of Beacon St and Tremont St traffic signals are blinking red and not changing
CLOSED Case Resolved. working properly. - almost 2 years ago #101003182336

Traffic Signal at 74 98 Brimmer St

The pedestrian crosswalk light at the end of Brimmer (crossing Brimmer itself) where it meets Beacon is acting weird. Yesterday morning I saw it repeatedly go from white walk to orange countdown from 4 seconds, hitting zero but them immed...
CLOSED Case Resolved. Checked ped timing found running normal operation. Further questions please call me @ 617-635-3126. Thank you Dominic. - almost 4 years ago #101002365321


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