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Dead Tree Removal at 74 Chestnut St

While removing tree stump ; contractor removed historic post and would not replace
CLOSED Case Noted. The Boston Parks and Recreation Department does not maintain or install tree fences or posts installed Within city-owned tree pits. If the post is in the way or a tree guard is in the way of Maintenance operations it is removed. For future issues regarding tree fences and posts please contact the Beacon Hill civic association. - over 2 years ago #101002927701
Dead Tree Removal at 74 Chestnut St

Dead Tree Removal at 74 Beacon St, 1 B

CLOSED Case Resolved. Tree was removed by North-Eastern Tree Service. A new tree request case will be made for this location. If you have any questions please call the Park Line at 617-635-7275. - about 4 years ago #101002088596
Dead Tree Removal at 74 Beacon St, 1 B

Dead Tree Removal at 74 Beacon St

Is this a City owned tree situated on the sidewalk? Yes | Comments: city councilor zakim request tree prune at 74 beacon street
CLOSED Case Closed. Case Resolved. The tree was pruned by Northern Tree Service, to the City of Boston tree pruning specifications. - almost 7 years ago #101001194560


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