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Other at 55 Piedmont St

My wife and I dined at Nusr-Et restaurant last Friday 9/18. Many people inside (and waiting in line outside) were not wearing masks, including employees. Many tables were only 3ft apart and people were standing around the bar area without...
OPENED 7 months ago #101003453697

Other at Intersection Of Columbus Ave & Arlington St

New restaurant Nusr-Et is doing terrible job with less than 6' between tables and lots of folks moving around without masks
OPENED 7 months ago #101003451972

Other at 100 Arlington St

Very crowded opening night at Nusr-Et, tables not 6 feet apart, some parties greater than 6
CLOSED Case Noted. This case has been referred to Constituent Services Department for review. - 7 months ago #101003447610
Other at 100 Arlington St

Other at 194r W Brookline St, Roxbury

The opening night at the new restaurant call Nusr-Et is super crowded and no social distancing measures at all.
CLOSED Case Resolved. Your case has been noted and reviewed , thank you for using the 311 app. - 7 months ago #101003447547
Other at 194r W Brookline St, Roxbury

Other at 250 Stuart St

Nusr-Et restaurant (100 Arlington St) not social distancing properly, while the dining room is large, it appears nearly completely full, tables are not 6 feet apart, especially two-tops are shoulder to shoulder
OPENED 7 months ago #101003447574


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