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Overflowing/Unkept Dumpster at 635 Dorchester Ave, South Boston

Details: The residents of this building repeatedly leave their garbage bins and trash on the front sidewalk. Today there is so much trash that, along with the snow banks, there is not enough room to walk on the side walk. Neighbors have e...
CLOSED Case Closed. CORR: Corrected. - almost 7 years ago #H198508-101001327828

Overflowing/Unkept Dumpster at 713 Dudley St, Dorchester

Details: 4-5 overstuffed dumpsters from 713 Dudley Street blocking sidewalk of Nonquit Street, Dorchester. They were put out for yesterday's pickup which never was made. They are all overloaded (none are closed) and their contents will so...
CLOSED Case Closed. NOVIO: No Violation Found/No Cause. - over 7 years ago #H185182-101001263510


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