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Illegal Dumping at Intersection Of Mayfield St & Pleasant St, Dorchester

Witnessed incident: No | Details: Tv was placed as a space saver and was never removed now it's on sidewalk | Case related to commercial waste: No
CLOSED Case Resolved. Your case has been inspected by Code Enforcement and sent to Public Works Highway for collection of materials. Please refer to new case number #101002023395. - over 2 years ago #101002022927

Illegal Dumping at 58 Johnston Rd, Dorchester, Ma, 02124

Witnessed incident: Yes | Details: Car parked in front of address was using trash barrel as a space saver, when they parked they put the barrel on top of a snow bank and it fell, scattering trash all over the front sidewalk of caller's ho...
CLOSED Case Closed. NOVIO: No Violation Found/No Cause. - over 6 years ago #H133561-101000784152


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