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Pothole at 22 Grant St Dorchester

Sinkhole pothole 22-24 Grant Street. Please repair. I already reported it once. Got reply space saver removed case closed. How stupid was that?
CLOSED Duplicate of Existing Case. Duplicate of case #101002291985. - almost 2 years ago #101002296267

Pothole at 65 Lanark Rd Boston

Developing sinkhole has worsened since initial report was opened. Placing a traffic cone here does not fix the problem. A traffic cone does nothing but potentially encourage people to use it as a space saver. If it rains enough later, thi...
CLOSED Case Closed. Case Resolved. National Grid was contacted to make the repairs ASAP. The street needed to be posted, hopefully the repair can be today. The CIU will monitor the progress of the work. Mark Cardarelli. Supervisor of Utility Coordination and Compliance. Boston Public Works Department. 617-635-4951 Office. 617-438-8517 Cell. - over 6 years ago #101000845091


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