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Recycling Cart at 20 Windermere Rd, 2, Dorchester, Ma, 02125

Recycling pickup day: Thursday() | No. of carts: 2 | No. of units: 3 | Details: After the blizzard, two of the caller recycling carts were taken away because of confusion that they were beign used as space savers | OK to deliver: NO
CLOSED Case Closed. Case Noted. Please see attached photo. Recycling carts were painted and being misused. - almost 7 years ago #101000803154

Recycling Cart at 149 W Eighth St, South Boston, Ma, 02127

Are you requesting a Bin or a Cart? Bin | What is the day of the trash pickup: Thursday | How many bins or carts are being requested? More than 1 | Please provide other details: Caller is requesting 2 bins to replace the ones that were re...
CLOSED Case Closed. Case Resolved. (2) bins delivered on 1/27/09. - almost 11 years ago #101000037621


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