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Illegal Dumping at 8 Lindall Pl

Constituent states an AC has been on the sidewalk for 3 weeks and is requesting someone come out to inspect and remove item. | Witnessed incident: [No]
CLOSED Resolved. Air conditioner placed in for collection. - about 10 hours ago #101003819741

Illegal Dumping at 6 Winter St, Dorchester

Consituent says buiness dumped oil and poured sand on it, the buiness name is Fine Line Auto located at 410 Bowdoin St, Dorchester. Red Small tow truck, couldnt catch the license plate | Witnessed incident: [Yes] License plate: [Tow truc...
CLOSED Resolved. No code enforcement violation found at this time. - 1 day ago #101003818444

Illegal Dumping at 286 E St, 2, South Boston

constituent reports that someone has dumped car batteries and now dog waste in a recycle in that does not belong to her. a ticket was issued for 288 E st this is not their rcycle cart and not their car batteries. Constituent at 288 E st c...
CLOSED Noted. Please appeal violation stating you made the complaint. - 1 day ago #101003818122

Illegal Dumping at 290 E St, 1, South Boston

someone dumped car batteries in recycling bin |
CLOSED Noted. Violation was issued. - 2 days ago #101003796711

Illegal Dumping at 81 Charles St, 1

Caller reports a white bag trash is ripped open and left in front of address | Witnessed incident: [No]
CLOSED Resolved. No code enforcement violations have been found at this time. - 2 days ago #101003796397

Illegal Dumping at 1 Gloucester St

Constituent from this location reports trash dumped in the alley | Witnessed incident: [No]
CLOSED Noted. Violation was issued referred to dpw for removal. - 2 days ago #101003796612

Illegal Dumping at 64 Sagamore St, Dorchester

Elderly Constituent stated somone left van sits infront of her home. | Witnessed incident: [No]
CLOSED Case Resolved. vehicle not at location. - 3 days ago #101003693178

Illegal Dumping at 290 E Eighth St, South Boston

CLOSED Case Invalid. - 3 days ago #101003796709

Illegal Dumping at 316 316a Shawmut Ave, Roxbury

case 101003795294 was reallocated to missed trash and then closed out as "Tagged for private hauler". It was originally put in as illegal dumping as it does not belong to the residents at this address. They don't even have a yard. It i...
CLOSED Noted. It was referred to dpw for removal. Bag will be removed soon thank you. - 3 days ago #101003795433

Illegal Dumping at 316 Shawmut Ave, 2, Roxbury

someone left a bag of yard waste | Witnessed incident: [No]
CLOSED Resolved. Refuse. Private pickup tagged. - 4 days ago #101003795294

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