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Illegal Dumping at 35 37 Park St, Charlestown

two bags of trash left here | Witnessed incident: [No]
OPENED about 2 hours ago #101003653940

Illegal Dumping at 72 Jamaica St, Jamaica Plain

Constituent reports next door neighbor has redesigned drain pipe on side of home. states curved drain piece is now 10ft off the ground and draining water into his property at 70 Jamaica St. |
OPENED 14 days ago #101003629671

Illegal Dumping at 16 Old Rd, Dorchester

Constituent states there was a plow truck that plowed the snow in front of her property and now the snow is covering a fire hydrant . | Witnessed incident: [No] Witnessed incident: [No]
OPENED 22 days ago #101003622574

Illegal Dumping at 211 Stimson St, West Roxbury

OPENED 23 days ago #101003621793

Illegal Dumping at 59 Strathmore Rd, 1, Brighton

someone left a car battery here on the wall | Witnessed incident: [No]
OPENED about 1 month ago #101003588104

Illegal Dumping at 100 City Hall Plz, Ste C

MBTA bus shelter at Harrison and MCB -large mattress and stuff on the sidewalk | Witnessed incident: [No] Witnessed incident: [No]
OPENED 2 months ago #101003577238

Illegal Dumping at 10 Crescent Ave, 1, Dorchester

At the T station, under 93 near the corner of Crescent and Sydney streets drug addicts are living there and it is getting worse and worse. The trash mess is intolerable. There are families living here. Please clean up the trash and arrest...
OPENED 2 months ago #101003576835

Illegal Dumping at 431 S Huntington Ave, Jamaica Plain

the caller cleared the entire sidewalk this morning. The MBTA cam by and plowed their bus stop up onto the sidewalk all the way to their stairs. It is now a wall of packed ice | Witnessed incident: [No] Witnessed incident: [No] Case r...
OPENED to reallocate. Hello, . . When I spoke to the operator at 311 on Friday I explained to her that we did clear this sidewalk and then the MBTA plowed the snow right back into the sidewalk as they were clearing the snowbank from their bus stop. As per the operators information, the MBTA was supposed to come out and clear this and she told me that we did not have to, which would have been impossible anyway because at that point it was a frozen snowbank. Very disappointed to have received a fine for this, especially since we properly reported it and did what was told. As of now, the MBTA still has not removed this snow, I am requesting that you let me know what is going on with them and void the violation issued for this, as we did what was instructed from you guys. . I look forward to hearing from you and you be happy to discuss further with somebody. - 2 months ago #101003567868

Illegal Dumping at 36 Rosemary St, Jamaica Plain

The plow put all the street snow into his yard and all over the sidewalk. Resident cannot move the heavy snow, as he is required to by the City. He is stuck in because of this snow. KNG Construction company | Witnessed incident: [Yes] Wi...
OPENED 2 months ago #101003565603

Illegal Dumping at Intersection Of River St & Central Ave, Hyde Park

multiple tires dumpe at Baker Chocolate Apts, near trolly tracks | Witnessed incident: [No] Case related to commercial waste: [Unknown]
OPENED 5 months ago #101003462910

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