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Sidewalk at 11 E Newton St, Roxbury

on franklin Park side by bus stop. very dangerous |
OPENED 3 days ago #101003974876

Sidewalk at 639 Tremont St, Roxbury

Numerous missing bricks in front of Nicole's Pizza on Tremont |
OPENED 3 days ago #101003974075

Sidewalk at 16 Gray St

Bricks pretty messed up. Just saw a woman trip. |
OPENED 3 days ago #101003974073

Sidewalk at 125 Chandler St, 4

This sidewalk is extremely uneven and poses a threat to children and the elderly. |
OPENED 3 days ago #101003974068

Sidewalk at 87 Chestnut St

A serious hazard, right by elementary school |
OPENED 4 days ago #101003973442

Sidewalk at Intersection Of Pinckney St & Charles St

Missing bricks in the sidewalk at Charles st and Pinckney st. |
OPENED 4 days ago #101003973441

Sidewalk at 85 Revere St

Constiutent is reporting that the Brick construction of the Tree Pit is destroyed between 85 & 89 Revere Street. | What is the cause of damage: [Other] What material is the sidewalk made from: [Brick]
OPENED 4 days ago #101003973437

Sidewalk at 7 Morrow Rd, Brighton

Please repair/redo this section of sidewalk as there were cracks and have been deteriorating. Other sections of the sidewalk on this street were repaired in recent years or recently. 5-7 Morrow reside with senior citizens, a family with p...
OPENED 4 days ago #101003972753

Sidewalk at Intersection Of Lewis St & Commercial St

Constituent states that there is a large 5x5 area that is now just a gaping hole in front of the senior home. She is concerned for the safety of the elderly or any pedistrian passing by. Extremely dangerous depending during inclement weat...
CLOSED Resolved. - 4 days ago #101003916047

Sidewalk at 620 E Seventh St, South Boston

Per request from homeowner and ONS please close the tree pit at this location as the resident does not want a new tree. Tree stump was removed. Thank you. |
OPENED 4 days ago #101003972539

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