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Sidewalk at Intersection Of Trenton St & Brooks St, East Boston

Additional information: Sidewalk has many large cracks and the sewer drain is very high. These are a hazard for anyone walking in front of this building that we manage. We are requesting repairs to eliminate this hazard.
OPENED about 1 hour ago #101003133161

Sidewalk at 131 Charles St

Additional information: Brick sidewalk repair needed please
OPENED about 5 hours ago #101003132829

Sidewalk at 29 33 Saint Germain St

Additional information: Side walk is practically destroyed
OPENED about 16 hours ago #101003131912

Sidewalk at 22 Garden St

Additional information: Crumbled tree box needs attention ASAP
OPENED about 16 hours ago #101003131914

Sidewalk at 50 Union St

Additional information: Bricks need to be replaced on Congress St sidewalk by Holocaust Memorial
OPENED about 16 hours ago #101003132424

Sidewalk at 50 Hull St

What is the cause of damage? Normal deterioration | Additional information: Constituent reported sidewalk cracked and uneven, tripping hazard | What material is the sidewalk made from? Concrete
OPENED about 16 hours ago #101003132430

Sidewalk at 200 Commonwealth Ave, 1

Additional information: large oblong sidewalk pothole in front of this address, please fill, thanks
OPENED about 16 hours ago #101003132435

Sidewalk at 16 Saint Germain St, 1

Additional information: Sidewalk Is destroyed
OPENED 1 day ago #101003131910

Sidewalk at 33 Pinckney St

Additional information: Contractor at 28 Pinckney spilled concrete on sidewalk in front of 33 Pinckney. Truck labeled m McKenna
OPENED 4 days ago #101003130978

Sidewalk at 60 Beacon St

OPENED 4 days ago #101003130660

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