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Sidewalk at 20 Bradston St, Bldg1, Roxbury

Additional information: Trees are heaving the sidewalk across the street from the jail making numerous trip hazards
OPENED 2 days ago #101003343781

Sidewalk at 124 Main St, 101, Charlestown

Additional information: It's been over 3 yrs since the original request to have this sidewalk fixed was submitted. Each time a new request in put through, the broader scope of the job is not completed. The bricks are separating in multipl...
OPENED 2 days ago #101003343779

Sidewalk at 133 135 Charles St

Additional information: Please repair bricks. Tripping hazard.
OPENED 2 days ago #101003343775

Sidewalk at Intersection Of Fayette St & Church St

Additional information: Falling apart
OPENED 3 days ago #101003342734

Sidewalk at 12 Emmons St, East Boston

What is the cause of damage? Other | Additional information: Gas company worked on sidewalk 10 years ago and the sidewalk has neaver been fixed | What material is the sidewalk made from? Concrete
OPENED 4 days ago #101003341694

Sidewalk at 336 Tremont St, B

OPENED 6 days ago #101003339792

Sidewalk at Intersection Of Public Alley No. 434 & Public Alley No. 435

Additional information: Missing brick
OPENED 6 days ago #101003339791

Sidewalk at 965 Bennington St, East Boston

OPENED 6 days ago #101003339488

Sidewalk at Intersection Of Hartford St & Hartford Ter, Dorchester

Additional information: This side walk needs repairs. Too many people tripped in this area. Thank you.
OPENED 6 days ago #101003338820

Sidewalk at 19 Warner St, Dorchester

Additional information: Broken side
OPENED 6 days ago #101003338818

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