Other at 14 High View Ave, West Roxbury

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Submitted Mon Aug 12, 2019
Closed Wed Aug 14, 2019

Resubmitting trash issue: Formally case 101002988538 I was not aware that if I report a trash problem on Friday afternoon that I should expect to leave my lawn waste container on the sidewalk until 10:00am Monday for it to be picked up. If you reference my previous case number you will see that my lawn clippings were not picked up on Friday the 9th. Though the they were put out properly the evening of Thu. The 7th. I just called 311 instead of using the app. And he told me that you have to leave your trash out in these instances. I wish I had been told that when I reported the case. When you use the app you just get an email you can't reply to. No updates and no instructions. I left my lawn waste container out until 5:00 pm Saturday and then pulled it back in. As of 4:30pm today it will be back in the sidewalk.

address: 14 High View Ave, West Roxbury

coordinates x,y: 750382.1767947316, 2922551.816265663

coordinates lat,lng: 42.26710301570414, -71.15191700304216

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Thu Aug 15, 2019 03:36pm Reopened with status: citizen feedback:. Where is this 50 lb. rule on the city of Boston website? https://www.boston.gov/departments/public-works/leaf-and-yard-waste-schedule#leaf-and-yard-waste-tips. . 2019 leaf and yard waste schedule | Boston.gov. We pick up leaf and yard waste from May to December on scheduled days. We also hold drop-off events every two weeks, starting on Sunday, July 14, through November ... www.boston.gov. This is my second 311 report on this issue. I have gone to the trouble to get a Yard Waste sticker for my barrel, and then it is ignored by the City when it should be picked up. Now after numerous reports to try and get my issue resolved , I get this report of a rule not listed on your City website. . So now I will have to take my Yard Waste out of the barrel it is rotting in and put it into bags. Your trash service and your 311 website are nothing but a ridiculous run around. There is no point in trying to do the right thing. What I would like is full set of rules for trash pick up sent to this email.
Wed Aug 14, 2019 09:24am Closed with status: Case Resolved. Barrel exceeds the 50 lb limit cannot be collected as is.
Mon Aug 12, 2019 11:06am Opened
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