Broken Sidewalk at 46 Mendum St, Roslindale

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Submitted Fri Oct 15, 2021

The sidewalk is planned to be poured today to replace the temporary patch from earlier utility work from national grid. Earlier this week when the patch was being removed, a long crack was created that was not there before. I mentioned this to a workmen this morning (The man on the left in the photo), and he said that the concrete will be poured only in the area prepped today and that he would tell national grid to come back and repair the other part. I'm concerned that will look like a bad patch job if they don't replace the entire slab where the cuts are, so that’s what I need to do. I have pictures before from just a few days earlier to prove the crack was not there before.

address: 46 Mendum St, Roslindale

coordinates x,y: 756335.5381819457, 2931739.768966958

coordinates lat,lng: 42.29224666666666, -71.129775

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