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  • Illegal Parking

    Intersection Of Condor St And Border St, East Boston, Ma

    Dark grey Honda has had no plates for weeks and has been parked on the street for weeks . It was moved after being reported in a different spot . It is right in the middle of the bend of condor/border

    OPEN #101005581988
  • Rodent Activity

    1960 1980 Commonwealth Ave, Brighton, Ma, 02135

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    A rat ran from this pile of trash towards 1980 Comm Ave. Until Boston mandates that trash be enclosed in closed barrels and expands curbside composting to large buildings, this issue will remain.

    OPEN #101005581987
  • Streetlights

    Intersection Of Sumner Sq And Sumner St, Dorchester, Ma

    The street lights out in the whole street.

    OPEN #101005581984
  • Other

    10 20 Guest St, Brighton, Ma, 02135

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    WGBH sprinklers spray at sidewalk. Every night, the WGBH office sprinklers are on after 11pm and they rotate and make the sidewalk inaccessible without getting completely soaked. This is a year-round thing, but it’s forcing people to walk in the road to avoid getting completely drenched. Can they maybe not rotate them at the street? Just want to get home dry…

    OPEN #101005581983
  • Illegal Parking

    51 Glenmont Rd, Brighton, Ma, 02135

    black sedan in resident zone without permit

    OPEN #101005581980
  • Illegal Parking

    130 W Third St, South Boston, Ma, 02127

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    Car parked in cross walk

    OPEN #101005581978
  • Other

    77 Exeter St, Boston, Ma, 02199

    Constituent states there are groups of people that are using drugs and fighting near the public library and nothing is done by the police. Constituent would like more to be done about the issue | Case (SR) Type: [BPD: Quality of Life] Referred To: [POLICE: AREA D-4]

    OPEN #101005581977
  • Illegal Parking

    Intersection Of Hull St And Snow Hill St, Boston, Ma

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    Same Jeep illegally parked. This is INSANE that this car parks illegally every day in resident spots in the neighbor. Boot it. Tow it. Do anything because tickets aren’t working

    OPEN #101005581967
  • Needle Cleanup

    20 Arion St, Dorchester, Ma, 02125

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    🤗🤗 BOSTON HEALTH COMMISSION, THANK YOU 🤗🤗 I would like to take this opportunity to think the Boston Health Commission, Health Advocate Recovery Service Department. on behalf of the uphin's corner area and the City of Boston we like to thank this department and its employees for the wonderful dedicated and committed jobs of picking up these discarded syringes and other great services you provide throughout our great City. I hope all the employees, especially Jeremy and Chris show how important your service and the removal of these dangerous and life-threatening discarded syringes are to the city. Body removal to the best of your ability these discarded syringes help enhance the quality of life and the safety of our communities. I feel sometimes that you guys and other public servants are sadly underappreciated by the citizens of Boston. Jeremy and Chris it was a pleasure speaking to you and learning more about your duties service and commitment to my safety and the safety of every citizen here in Boston. If it wasn't for you in the area where I live where we have a very large and active substance abuse community we would have syringes everywhere and surely someone would eventually would be hurt 😭🤕. I am always happy and extremely relieved when I see your black truck in the back of my building and around my community removing these hazardous syringes. Your Works do not go unnoticed and I can't express on behalf of my community our great things for your presence and your works. Keep up the great work.

    OPEN #101005581968
  • Rodent Activity

    272 Cambridge St, Boston, Ma, 02114

    Number of rats: [50] Rat bites: [No] Rats in the house: [No] Rats outside of property: [Yes] What is the nature of the problem: [Constituent states he witnessed there were about 50 rats that ran across the steet from a trash recepticle at the corner and ran towards the restaurant ma maison. Constituent states they ran under the grates in the street.]

    OPEN #101005581965



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