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  • Trash on Vacant Lot

    Intersection Of Cedrus Ave And Washington St, Roslindale, Ma

    At the very end of the dead end street Cedrus Ave there is an old abandoned futon mattress that has been sitting on the sidewalk for over a year. I'm requesting that this old mattress be removed from the end of the street and properly disposed. Thank you. |

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  • Trash on Vacant Lot

    Intersection Of Atlantic Ave And Kneeland St, Boston, Ma

    Exit 24B Eastbound from the Pike curves around and goes to Kneeland and Atlantic Avenue. On the left there is an area that squatters have taken over and there is a mattress and lots of trash in their campground. Its sad these people would rather sleep under an overpass than in City shelters but that's another issue. This is a bad eyesore. Really reflects badly on the City. I'm sure it is the Turnpike Authority's property but it's really, really bad for the City. |

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  • Trash on Vacant Lot

    41 43 N Margin St, Boston, Ma, 02113

    The Knights Of Columbus Hall on 41 N Margin Street in the North End has become assumed as a vacant side lot gathering trash and debris (area between 41 and 47 N Margin). There is trash collecting in the lot, rubble, clothing and light bulbs; yesterday someone dumped a box spring and mattress in front of the property. This is a heavily tourist route in the north end and proper sanitation should be addressed. The concern is that trash and debris will continue to collect without proper cleaning and additional dumping will occur. Thank You. |

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