Reports (2,512)

  • Fire Hydrant

    235 W Broadway , South Boston, Ma, 02127

    Open | Details: [Constituent states hydrant has a slow leak in front of 235 W Broadway]

    OPEN #101005516737
  • Fire Hydrant

    Intersection Of K St And Emerson St, South Boston, Ma

    Open | Details: [Constituent reports there is a fire hydrant that is open and, water is running.]

    CLOSED #101005509271

    Case Noted. FJ: No odor on arrival, BWSC line is down & running. Disinfected sewer line & cb’s. 6/9.

  • Fire Hydrant

    167 Centre St, 1, Dorchester, Ma, 02124

    Knockdown | Details: [hydrant knocked over. no water coming out]

    CLOSED #101005507302

    Case Resolved. BWSC stated: REPAIRED HIT HYDRANT 6/11.

  • Fire Hydrant

    Intersection Of Clementine Park And Centre St, Dorchester, Ma

    Damaged | Details: [Fire Hydrant was hit and the vlve is cracked off.]

    CLOSED #101005506511

    Case Resolved. BWSC stated: REPAIRED HIT HYDRANT 6/11.

  • Fire Hydrant

    74 Lodgehill Rd, Hyde Park, Ma, 02136

    Other | Details: [Constituent states a piece from the fire hydrant is on the ground from when the fire department came out and opened the hydrant.]

    CLOSED #101005506105

    FJ: Replaced 4” cap 6/8.

  • Fire Hydrant

    900 Boylston St, Boston, Ma, 02199

    Open | Details: [fire hydrant flooding both lanes and sidewalk of this location]

    OPEN #101005506019
  • Fire Hydrant

    Intersection Of Warren Ave And Clarendon St, Boston, Ma

    Damaged | Details: [Constituent states the hydrant on this corner is leaking from one side pretty significantly.]

    CLOSED #101005505426

    Case Noted. FJ: Flushed hydrant and pumped barrel hydrant OK 6/7.

  • Fire Hydrant

    20 Bowdoin Ave, Dorchester, Ma, 02121

    Other | Details: [There is water leaking out of fire hydrant at this intersection.]

    CLOSED #101005493554


  • Fire Hydrant

    22 Bowdoin St, Boston, Ma, 02114

    CLOSED #101005493547

    Case Invalid.

  • Fire Hydrant

    93 Cowper St, East Boston, Ma, 02128

    Other | Details: [Constituent states contractors are taking water from this hydrant, wants to confirm that they have proper permits to do so.]

    OPEN #101005490024



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