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    349 Bunker Hill St, Charlestown, Ma, 02129

    City of Boston Project at Public pool it’s us 3:00 am and they are moving equipment. It’s extremely loud.

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    288 Foster St, Brighton, Ma, 02135

    Drunk BC derelicts outside back porch screaming like idiots at 1 am waking up the adults who have to go to work in the morning

    OPEN #101005076001
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    185 Warren Ave, Boston, Ma, 02116

    Please see #101005062579. A crew came and decided a pump truck would have to clear the catch basin and related manhole. We were told to expect a truck today (9/21). Our car is currently parked (next to the open fire hydrant space) where the pump truck would have to park. It is going to rain this weekend and there will again be the risk that the water will rise above the curb and make its way into our building's lower living level. Hopefully the pump truck can come on Friday (9/22). There is a note on my car, I can move it.

    OPEN #101005075991
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    35 Lawrence St, Boston, Ma, 02116

    Noise from kids walking down Lawrence Street

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    20 Thwing St, Roxbury, Ma, 02119

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    On Wednesday evening, 9/20/2023, around 9:30 PM, four riders on two motorbikes came up Thwing Street. The riders were talking very loud and three were scouting the area on foot--one bike was parked. One of the four individuals entered an adjacent driveway walking in close proximity to my house for reasons unknown. | Case (SR) Type: [BPD: Crime] Referred To: [POLICE: AREA B-2]

    OPEN #101005075987
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    71 Maywood St, Roxbury, Ma, 02119

    Constituent would like someone to follow up with her.Constituent reports her temp.housing is not unaccecptable.Constituent reports she needs better housing for her and her children. | Case (SR) Type: [BHA Issues] Referred To: [BOSTON HOUSING AUTHORITY]

    OPEN #101005075985
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    Intersection Of Marginal Rd And Hudson St And Harrison Ave, Boston, Ma

    Loud construction happening multiple nights in a row at the end of Hudson Street. Still going on at 11pm. Jackhammering, dump trucks backing up with high pitched beeping. This is outside of the allowed hours for work

    OPEN #101005075975
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    100 Legends Way, Boston, Ma, 02114

    TD Garden has removed all water fountains (bubblers) and no stands will provide free cups of water. This is illegal and needs to be rectified.

    OPEN #101005075942
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    15 Radnor Rd, Brighton, Ma, 02135

    Students outside front porch yelling and screaming like animals disturbing neighborhood. Nuisance for weeks.

    OPEN #101005075940
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    27 Woodlawn St, Jamaica Plain, Ma, 02130

    Trash not collected at 27 Woodlawn st, Jamaica plain. 2nd week in a row. All our neighbors had theirs collected - and our recycling and compost were collected.

    OPEN #101005075939



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