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  • Constituent states there are numerous dog owners that are coming to doherty park to the splash pads and is requesting more signs be installed near the water pad. Constituent states the dogs go the bathroom on the splash pads and owners when confronted say they dont see any signs. Constituent is requesting more signs be installed. | Type of improvement: [Water Spray Feature] Affiliation type: [Constituent]

    OPEN #101005579318
  • Constituent is part of a kids program funded by the city called Tenacity that is using the tennis court 2 in boston common and has seen a rat three times during the program events during the day. Constituent states there are kids in all over the court and the rat continues to come out and ran across the court. Constituent is requesting inspection and traps asap because they will be using the courts the rest of the summer. Case also made to ISD. | Type of improvement: [Other] Affiliation type: [Organization]

    OPEN #101005578693
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    Case Invalid. Lagan system error. Disregard.

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    Case Invalid.

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    45 Prince St, Boston, Ma, 02113

    Constituent requesting a sign on the compost bin specifying that only compost goes in the receptical. | Type of improvement: [Other] Affiliation type: [Constituent]

    OPEN #101005576645
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    86 Boardman St, East Boston, Ma, 02128

    Const. requesting another trash barrel on the Saratoga side of the park, as barrel over there always overfills | Type of improvement: [Other] Affiliation type: [Constituent]

    OPEN #101005568769
  • Constituent states she is requesting port a potties be placed at this playground. Constituent states there is no place on the playground where people have access to a bathroom. | Type of improvement: [Other] Affiliation type: [Constituent]

    CLOSED #101005565823

    Resolved. Thanks for your note. The City does not provide Porta Potties. It is up to the leagues or permit holders to provide.

  • Constituent states she noticed that there are no barrels are in the park and is requesting that barrels be placed in the park. | Type of improvement: [Other] Affiliation type: [Constituent]

    CLOSED #101005563318

    Resolved. There is 1,barrel there and we have no more extra barrels in storage, when we get some i will add another one to the park thank you.

  • Constituent is concerned that the higher bridge in the playground is not safe, staates her son fel from the bridge because there is not a lower rail on the bridge. | Type of improvement: [Play Equipment] Affiliation type: [Constituent]

    CLOSED #101005562551

    Resolved. Thank you for contacting Boston 311. Claredon Street Play Area is currently undergoing a Park Renovation. Your safety concern will be addressed as a part of this project. You can find out more about the renovation at this web page:

  • Constituent requesting some benches be placed by the basketball courts. There is no seating at this park. | Type of improvement: [Other] Affiliation type: [Constituent]

    OPEN #101005555340



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