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  • the pickleball and street hockey courts, the lines have been painted over, possible vandalism | Type of improvement: [Other] SR Type: [Painting]

    OPEN #101005075081
  • constituent is requesting that a sign be posted to tell dog owners to clean up after their pets. | Type of improvement: [Other] Affiliation type: [Constituent]

    OPEN #101005074954
  • Constituent reports large potholes at this location | Type of improvement: [Pathways]

    OPEN #101005063218
  • Park Improvement Requests

    110 Atlantic Ave, Boston, Ma, 02110

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    Secure bench to ground

    CLOSED #101005060571

    Resolved. Secured bench to the ground.

  • Park Improvement Requests

    38 Carolina Ave, Jamaica Plain, Ma, 02130

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    Replace existing slide

    CLOSED #101005044956

    Resolved. Replaced broken slide.

  • Hi there, our daughter recently started attending a home daycare located on Hyde Park Ave in Roslindale. The daycare utilizes the field and "playground"/play structure for outdoor time for the toddlers. When visiting this playground, I couldn't help but feel that the structure was only designed with older, school aged children in mind. I'm writing to advocate for a revisit of this playground's design for all ages and abilities accessibility, to provide my daughter, her daycare playmates, and other Roslindale children more outdoor space to play. Thank you for your time! | Type of improvement: [Play Equipment] Affiliation type: [Constituent]

    OPEN #101005038590
  • Park Improvement Requests

    24 Saint James St, Roxbury, Ma, 02119

    Install no dogs allowed in playlot

    CLOSED #101005037702

    Resolved. Installed 2 no dogs allowed in playlot.

  • park rangers report very big sink hole located inside franklin park at the refectory hill the rangers have sectioned it off with tape & cones for safety pre-cautions | Type of improvement: [Pathways] Affiliation type: [Constituent]

    CLOSED #101005035526

    Case Resolved. A contractor repaired the sinkhole.

  • Park Improvement Requests

    Intersection Of M St And E Broadway, South Boston, Ma

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    White paint on the walk way. Powerwaher might remove it.

    OPEN #101005028571
  • Constituent states the walkway gooing into the tennis court is missing gravel and there is a divit and is a hazard to constituents. | Type of improvement: [Pathways] Affiliation type: [Constituent]

    OPEN #101005027290



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