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  • test | Location of graffiti: [In a park] Details: [test]

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  • steve please advise request to have the pathway that leads to the 911 memorial plowed with salt & sand mourners can not get inside because of snow & ice thank you | SR Type: [Snow/Ice] SR Area: [Support Services]

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  • icy conditions on path plowed near the football stadium at intersection of sigourney and pier point rd; it's been plowed but the ice underneath is very dangerous |

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  • Caller is reporting that the stairs in this park are covered in snow and the sidewalks need to be shoveled out more. The stairs are quite steep and the snow is quite deep. Caller knows that this is a cut through people frequently use and caller is worried about their safety walking through the snow/ice. | SR Type: [Snow/Ice] SR Area: [Support Services]

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  • Park located on Day Street in Jamaica Plain. Caller reports unshoveled and pedestrians have to walk in the street. |

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