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  • Upgrade Existing Lighting

    Intersection Of Exeter St And Commonwealth Ave, Boston, Ma

    Problem: [With regard to this case … when you repaired the light you used a fixture unlike the other back bay lights. I called and you promised to replace when you had some of the appropriate fixtures. Can you do that now? Thx. Please reference case #101003647687]

    OPEN #101005513614
  • Upgrade Existing Lighting

    7 Fairland St, Roxbury, Ma, 02119

    Problem: [Constituent states the lights on the entirety of this street are so dim and is requesting brighter lights. There are a limited amount of lights since it is a small side street but with them not being so bright there is an increase in theft on this street.]

    OPEN #101005505466
  • Upgrade Existing Lighting

    1141 Bennington St, East Boston, Ma, 02128

    Problem: [Constituent states the street light were knocked over a few months ago and is requesting the street light be installed]

    OPEN #101005421802
  • Upgrade Existing Lighting

    14 Sheafe St, Charlestown, Ma, 02129

    update 4/9/24 UPDATE the pole that is in question is the CITY OF BOSTON STREET LIGHT POLE (WOODEN) It has moved is rotted at base and poses a risk to residents, animals and property, etc. IT IS NOT THE NSTAR POLE. They were sent needlessly. Public works for the city need to handle, replace. Problem: [101005398690- Informed constituent that the pole is secure based on the previous report. Constituent is requesting that the pole is replaced completely. Constituent is also requesting a call for whenever the work is being done]

    OPEN #101005399724
  • Upgrade Existing Lighting

    60 Mystic St, 1, Charlestown, Ma, 02129

    Problem: [Been waiting 10 yrs for light pole,Base was is installed about a month age and now the new sidewalks were poured and cover the base. FYI]

    CLOSED #101005376857

    Resolved. Complete.

  • Upgrade Existing Lighting

    Intersection Of Cambridge St And Blossom St, Boston, Ma

    CLOSED #101005359241

    No eform.

  • Upgrade Existing Lighting

    Intersection Of Columbus Ave And Dartmouth St, Boston, Ma

    Problem: [Constituent reports lights along Columbus Ave here seem dimmer than usual, requesting inspection.]

    CLOSED #101005331058

    Case Resolved. HT.

  • Upgrade Existing Lighting

    34 Alaska St, Roxbury, Ma, 02119

    Problem: [Constituent reports various streets in the neigborhood (blue hill ave) have had brighter lights installed recently, constituent is requesting the brighter lights on this section of street as well.]

    CLOSED #101005303103

    Resolved. Removed and replaced three standard fixtures and three photo cells on Alaska St. All units working. AC, JP, EP.

  • Upgrade Existing Lighting

    Intersection Of Blue Hill Ave And Warren St, Dorchester, Ma

    Problem: [Caller thinks the photoeye should be checked on the street lights here as they feel they do not come on until after it is already very dark.]

    CLOSED #101005301096


  • Upgrade Existing Lighting

    119 Farquhar St, Roslindale, Ma, 02131

    Problem: [Constituent wants brighter bulbs on the street.]

    OPEN #101005287224



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