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Needle Clean-up at 771 Albany St, Roxbury

Needles and tourniquets on the ground next to the emergency blue light.
CLOSED Case Resolved. 2 needles are recovered from this location. - 1 minute ago #101002884193

Illegal Graffiti at 113 High St

Stickers on the do not turn sign. This is disgusting
OPENED 1 minute ago #101002884262
Illegal Graffiti at 113 High St

Other at Intersection Of W Second St & Massport Haul Rd, South Boston

Broken bridge, hole in sidewalk in n bridge goes all the way through. Debris can fall on cars below from more cracking and erosion, as well as unsafe walking conditions. Is this bridge safe to drive over? This seems like a pretty urgent...
OPENED 2 minutes ago #101002884261

Needle Clean-up at 129 Saint Botolph St, Apt 1

Two needles in alley/parking spot behind 129 Saint Botolph Street. Thank you.
OPENED 2 minutes ago #101002884260
Needle Clean-up at 129 Saint Botolph St, Apt 1

Illegal Parking at 110 Mcbride St, Jamaica Plain

White car parked in crosswalk
OPENED 5 minutes ago #101002884258

Broken Park Equipment at No location specified

SR Type: Irrigation | Description: Plumbers: Requesting water be turned on by Sat. 4/20/19 | Park owner: BPRD
OPENED 5 minutes ago #101002884246

Damaged Sign at Intersection Of Oliver St & Purchase St

CLOSED Case Resolved. work complete. - 5 minutes ago #101002872044

Illegal Dumping at 84 Hutchings St, Dorchester

Witnessed incident: Yes | Details: Constituent reports that residents of 259 Humboldt repeatedly bring their trash over to his property and leave their trash in front of his garage. This is glaringly apparent as the barrels they leave in...
CLOSED Case Noted. No violation found barrels are up against correct property. - 5 minutes ago #101002884014

Missing Sign at Intersection Of Battery St & Hanover St

CLOSED Case Resolved. work complete. - 6 minutes ago #101002872847

Abandoned Vehicle at 34 Vale St, Roxbury

Additional Details/Comments: Constituen reports vehicle on street in area of address that is being stripped for parts. States there are no tires, no doors, no plates.
CLOSED Case Resolved. vehicle not at location. - 6 minutes ago #101002874312

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