This is why traffic is so bad in Boston. Look at this mess. Travel lane and bike lane both blocked at rush hour. Instead of building a bus lane or extra travel lane against the curb, we have parking on North Washington Street. Apparently you tried to remove parking before but a few vocal paisanos from the North End shot it down - as if it is their God-given right to park on the street like they live in West Roxbury or something. There have been several new garages built in the last 5 years (North station garage expansion, Beverly building, One Canal building, etc...)to accommodate the few spots that should be removed. Why inconvenience the masses at the expense of providing parking for only a few private vehicles? At least could you make it no parking from 7-10 AM? We need some forward thinking at BTD, not continuation of "the way things have always been done".
126 132 N Washington St, Boston, Ma, 02114
42.3662673, -71.05853613


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    Case Noted | BTD has made timing adjustments to improve traffic flow through the area. This corridor will continue to be monitored and as future improvements are made. Issues with the bike lane being blocked will be referred to traffic enforcement.