Pest Infestation - Residential

30 Browning Ave, 3 L, Dorchester, Ma, 02124

I am contacting this agency due to the inconsistency of the Department of Housing and Community Development along with Family Aid of Boston have done absolutely nothing to be proactive or reactive to the rodent infested emergency shelter scattered site unit I have been placed in since the first of October last year. I have three daughters ages four, two and seven months old. I have more than communicated time after time after time after time. DHCD was actually at my unit and was more concerned about finally furnishing the unit appropriately such as providing kitchen chairs or fixing windows (which are still not all fixed) than accordingly addressing the mouse problem. The people from the main office come to my home and ask me to show them where the mice or possible rat holes are in my children’s room?! Yet they still haven’t done one thing! Mice run around the children’s bed at night. One actually jumped out of my child’s bed in between the mattress and the box spring. They do not care. My last shelter in Roxbury was actually rat infested which was told to me by one of the property workers themselves. I was told by one of the DHCD workers who is an ADA coordinator, okay, that there are “mice in the city”. This is not true my mother has lived in the MaryEllen McCormack projects for the past ten years and there has never ever been one rodent in her apartment. I cannot live this way anymore. My unit is impeccably clean especially for being a single mother of three children four and under. This is unsanitary and unacceptable. | Type of insect or rodent: [rats/mice, roaches]
30 Browning Ave, 3 L, Dorchester, Ma, 02124
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