If Massport is able to handle Uber and Lyft efficiently at the airport, why hasn't BTD done anything about controlling the illegal drop offs in no stopping zones downtown that contribute to traffic and gridlock? When will you work with the TNCs to ringfence the Financial District/Govt Ctr and carve out and put up signage for dedicated curbside pickup/dropoff areas?
Intersection Of North St And Congress St, Boston, Ma
42.36012075, -71.05725158


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    Case Noted | Thank you for contacting. In 2019 we piloted the installation of pick-up/drop-off zones targeted at ride-hail companies such as Uber and Lyft. These zones limit curb access to 5 minutes and require that the driver remain with the vehicle. Oftentimes we work with the ride-hail companies, i.e. Uber and Lyft, to geofence the areas. This pushes pick up and drops off to an identified point. We have since expanded these zones to more than 20 locations throughout the city. In addition to City led initiatives, there are several locations in the city where these companies have implemented pick-up/drop-off zones, and/or geofenced areas restricting where this activity can occur. You can find out more about the pilot program here: Please report any areas where you see ongoing violations to and we will look into ways to fix the behavior.