1857 Comm ave and 151 chestnut hill ave rats out of control please do something!! They've eaten thru the shed multiple times to get the garbage, tried putting it in the garage with covered barrels and double up on the mint bags, they eat thru the garage door, eat thru the barrels, nothing stops them, ordered some super poison that you can supposedly only buy in texas, it didn't help. I got metal barrels but they only lasted 2 weeks because Capitol wonderful teamsters insist on crushing the barrels so the covers don't fit. I wish the city would stop wasting our tax money on stupid shit and get somebody to help with the rat problem instead. Everytime you issue another building permit for a big project, you're stirring up thousands of rats underground. Everytime you fix the rails on Comm ave T (which is every 2 years btw) you stir up rats. Why?? Can the mayor please give a crap that we have tenants with young children and they're terrified to take out their trash!! I'm at the end of my rope because nobody cares.
1857 Commonwealth Ave, Brighton, Ma, 02135
42.339187, -71.152907


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    Noted | 1863 Comm. Ave. Had overgrowth of grass and weeds. 1853 also has overgrowth of grass and weeds with the front Bushes extending outward to block portions of the sidewalk on Comm. Ave. Will contact the respective property owners and begin the abatement process