2 weeks in a row, the city has ticketed the WRONG side of the street. Today is street cleaning for the even side, as stated on the website and street signs. People who parked on the correct side got ticketed, and as a result, the majority of people parked on the opposite side of the street that got ticketed. Today, my brother stopped them in time to correct the guy before ticketing a car on the correct side. Due to the confusion and repetition 2 weeks in a row, this is highly likely to happen again, and people might park on the wrong side to avoid tickets. However, this needs to be corrected. If they ticket, it has to be the correct side scheduled, not the side where the majority of cars are. Sadly, the majority of cars are on the wrong side due to the city's mistake last week.
14 Itasca St, Mattapan, Ma, 02126
42.27813956, -71.09705754


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    Case Noted | Thank you for reporting to 311. Boston Transportation actively patrols city streets and responds to as many parking enforcement related cases as possible. Should you need further assistance, we encourage you to call Boston 311 directly.