Hello, I live in the north end and I am really frustrated and upset. There is a man who stands outside of Mike’s pastry all day every single day and yells, asking for money for veteran suicide. I live right above this and hear him from my living room and bedroom. He has been doing this for months and I cannot concentrate / this is absolute insanity and a disturbance of my peace and that of all of the other residents who live on Hanover. It is not okay. I have spoken to the man in person about this and told him how loud he was. Additionally, there has been another noise disturbance by a group of men in the same area who pop firecrackers nightly (for the past 8 months). They typically gather right outside of cafe dello sport. I have called the local police and 911 several times as well, and nothing has been done about the man/ they came once to the men who pop firecrackers but they continue to do this. This exacerbates the anxiety I already have and increases my heart rate and resulting stress. I knew moving to the north end, I would be exposed to noise but these situations have gotten out of hand and are extremely frustrating for me. I am a graduate student and it is unfair to me to have to listen to the same thing over and over again while trying to study and just live my life. I really don’t know what else to do at this point. Attached are photos of the man over separate days . I have videos as well. Thank you for reading this in advance. | Case (SR) Type: [Homeless Issues] Referred To: [VETERANS SERVICES]
304 306 Hanover St, Boston, Ma, 02113
42.36428, -71.05422


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